Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog!

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 21
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

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My First Day of School!! XD

Today was my first day of school being a senior of Middle School. That's Right! I'm in 8th grade now. I've waited soooo long for this! XD I was so excited when i got to the school. I was saying Hi the EVERYONE! Even the people i didn't know!

I'm on the 2nd floor this year... how boring! My twin sister, Janelle, was on the 2nd floor last year and it was pretty boring to her and its going to be boring for me! The grades were divide by floors: 6th grade on the 1st floor, 7th grade on the 3rd floor (where's theirs no air conditioner *snicker*), and the Fabulous 8th grade were on the stupid 2nd floor. But at least I would get to see my twin in the same adcademy as me!... How annoying... haha Just playing!

My bestie Brianna was in the same class as me and i made alot of new friends. The whole day we were laughing because our class is so funny and I'm funny! I was acting crazy the whole day!
I'm planning to get all straight A's this year and join the step team once again. I love step! And yes... It's just like the stepping off of "Stomp The Yard". =3

Don't worry! I will be still drawing and I will never stop showing support for the clubs I'm currently in! Thanks for listening!