I take a deep breath as I stare up at the dull gray sky. The cold winter air seems to pierce my chest. I shiver involuntarily as I wrap my scarf back in place. "Damn it's cold today." I mumble quietly.
"It's cold everyday." A soft, yet firm voice sighs next to me. I look down at my partner; like me you can only see her eyes and from the look of it, she is annoyed. "What would you expect being up here?"
Not wanting to argue, I continue on. The light crunching of snow behind me tells me that she is following me despite her complaints.

I wonder sometimes just how long we've been wandering like this. Why we are wandering. "Hey, Fleda."
My partner stops walking and looks at me, "What?"
"Let me see the binoculars."
She digs in her deep pockets and pulls out the item, "And what pray tell do you need them for?"
I sigh heavily, "Just give them to me."
She shakes her head and hands them over. I put the warm metal to my eyes and lookout from the crest of the hill we stood on, "Did the map say anything about a town being around here?"
"I wonder." The sassiness stung a bit.
"You didn't have to come you know."
"I'm your partner, Momo. What kind of companion would I be if I didn't. Though it would help if you actually had a plan."
I laugh bitterly, "Since when have I ever made a plan." I toss the binos back to her.
She stuffs them back in some random pocket, "So, are we heading to the town?"
I put my hands on my hips, "What do you think?"
Without answering me, Fleda continues on down the hill.