He Won't Want You To Follow Him...

This is a sort of…bizarre alternate reality. It’s set after Kingdom Hearts 2, and features a Riku who’s lonely because Sora and Kairi are always together; a Sora who pretends he’s only with Kairi because it was always like a competition with Riku; and a Kairi who feels like it’s her ‘duty’ or something to be with Sora – it’s what all the game players wanted.
Page one is Riku; page two is Sora; page three is Kairi; page four is Riku again.

Riku stared down at the Paopu fruit he was fiddling with indecisively as he mulled over his thoughts. But no matter what order he sorted them into, they seemed to make no logical sense. A light-hearted outburst of giggles drew his attention, and he looked over to see Kairi and Sora strolling along the beach, carefree, hands linked. Riku sighed and forced himself to stand up before brushing the sand off the back of his jeans. Pulling his sleek silver hair behind one ear, he felt his gaze drawn back to Sora and Kairi. They spent every waking minute together these days; ever since Riku and Sora had come back from The World That Never Was, they had been inseparable.

As Riku watched unwittingly, Sora pulled gently on Kairi’s hand to make her stop before whispering something in her ear. Riku’s stomach dropped uncomfortably as Sora leaned in and pressed his lips to Kairi’s softly, and he wrenched his eyes away as they started to prickle uncomfortably. The Paopu fruit weighed him down considerably, and he glared at it as though the whole situation was the fault of the fruit. Resisting the urge to shout, Riku pitched the fruit into the ocean, watching it angrily as it hit the water with a splash. He watched as it was submerged below the clear, turquoise waves that chased the beach, lapping at his bare feet.

It had been about three weeks since Riku had returned to Destiny Islands with Sora, and he had been alone for most of that time. He had heard nothing from King Mickey, and met up with none of his old friends…and yet he was certain that he had heard Selphie’s giggle and Wakka’s grunts coming from the hut when Sora and Kairi were in there. Riku clenched his fists and shook his head, trying to disperse the cloud of gloom and paranoia that had settled heavily. He stalked through the silky, golden sands, muttering to himself to “Pull it together, stop being ridiculous.” But, unsurprisingly, it didn’t work.