Organization XIII

Number One. Name: Xemnas. Occupation: Homocidal Maniac. Dreams: He just wants a heart...

Number Two. Name: Xigbar. Occupation: Sharpshooter. Dreams: To star in a wild west movie.

Number Three. Name: Xaldin. Occupation: Dragoon (Yeah, right.). Dreams: You saw how much he wanted Belle, right?

Number Four. Name: Vexen. Occupation: Scientist. Dreams: Wants to change his name to Dr. Frankenstein.

Number Five. Name: Lexaeus. Occupation: Guardian. Dreams: To have friends...

Number Six. Name: Zexion. Occupation: Librarian. Dreams: To find a book he hasn't read.

Number Seven. Name: SaĆ­x. Occupation: None. Dreams: To build a rocket-ship.

Number Eight. Name: Axel. Occupation: Pyromaniac. Dreams: Need I say more?

Number Nine. Name: Demyx. Occupation: Pop Star. Dreams: To own a car-shaped bed and find someone with as much fashion sense as himself.

Number Ten. Name: Luxord. Occupation: Die-hard Gambler. Dreams: To visit Las Vegas.

Number Eleven. Name: Marluxia. Occupation: Grim Reaper. Dreams: To find more bubblegum-pink hair dye.

Number Twelve. Name: Larxene. Occupation: Ninja! Dreams: To meet Flash.

Number Thirteen. Name: Roxas. Occupation: Student. Dreams: To have a nice summer with his friends