Character thinkings

So, this is my Character Thinkings for FF X-2. Even though I wrote about Yuna in the FF X Character Thinkings, she changes a lot before the sequel, so she's in here, as well.

Yuna:- Okay, now her hair is pretty good. Better than before, for sure. But she so doesn't look 19 to me! Am I the only one who thinks that every teenager in the Final Fantasy series looks older than they are supposed to be? But her guns when she wears the Gunner dressphere are unbelievably big, and so cool. Plus, I love her really long plait-braid thing. But dyou reckon she leaves it on when she goes to bed? Is that a really strange thing to think about?

Rikku:- Okay, I covered her in FF X too, but again, she's changed a lot. Her new outfit is cooler than before, as are her wicked random braids. Plus, she's even more cheerful and optimistic this time, if a little more dim?

Paine:- Awesome red eyes, right? And her sword is huge! But I have a reaallllly haard time believing she's only 18. Am I alone here? Her voice can get a little grating, but she is a pretty cool person.

The other pretty prominant characters are:
Gippal:- I think he must be the one Al Bhed I wasn't that keen on?
Nooj:- Uh. I hate him, miserable old man, right!
Baralai:- He was kinda cute, but his voice puts me off
Brother:- Ahaha. He is the butt of every joke in this game. Good on him.
Shinra:- He's menna be about 12, right? I like the steam that comes out when he breathes.
Buddy:- He's kinda a nothingy character, I guess. But he's cool.