Character thinkings

Okay, so here's the thoughts about the characters in FF10.

Tidus:- At the very beginning of the game, Tidus is supposedly an amazing Blitzball player, so it should come as no surprise that he is classically arrogant. But at least he gets over himself as the game progresses - not that he really has a choice, seeing as nobody knows who he is later on. And I love his necklace!

Yuna:- She has really annoying hair in this game, right? It's not just me who thinks that, yeah? It does get a lot cooler in time for X-2, but still. It should never have been this bad in the first place. But I do truly love the floaty fade effect sleeves. Cool or what? Haha. Her eyes are pretty cool, too. So cool that when this game first came out, I wanted one blue eye and one green eye, too. I was cool.

Wakka:- Annoying voice, annoying stubbly bit. Now that's out of the way, Wakka is a pretty decent character. He's friendly and loyal and has a big heart - even if he does kinda suck at Bitzball. But at least he doesn't wear socks with his sandals, am I right?

Lulu:- Gothic Lolita for old people XD. Her style is cool, and she's another one with cool coloured eyes. Plus, I love all her little mages! The Moogle one!! Cute! But I do think she should have been allowed to have a chocobo one, too. That would have been too cool.

Kimahri:- Alright, the Ronso are cool, but Kimahri lost his horn!! He doesn't get to be quite so cool anymore! But I like how the 'dark and mysterious' character in this isn't even a human. I found it quite funny.

Auron:- Wicked sword. I personally am not a huge fan of Auron. He is seriously too...moody all the time. Is that the right word, dyou think? But anyway, it is pretty cool when he goes near the Farplane and all the pyreflies swarm around. Aww...

Rikku:- Okay, I love all the Al Bhed, but Rikku is just awesome! She's always happy and even though she's so young, she is way mature and knows just what to say and when to say nothing at all. Plus, the Al Bhed eye spirals are awesome. This game is filled with people who have awesome eyes!!!

When it comes to summoning, they pretty much replaced all the old aeons. As expected. But they did keep the classics; Ifrit and Shiva. Good. So, the total list of Aeons reads:
The Magus Sisters (Cindy, Minday & Sandy)