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The Hospital

Hatsuharu gripped Rin’s pale hand tightly. It lay limply in his, but he refused to let go all the same. He breathed in deeply, listening to the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitor by the bedside. Rin stirred slightly, and Haru sat up a little straighter, but she simply fell into a deeper sleep. Haru sighed. He was in the hospital, where he had been for the last two and a half days. Rin had been brought in by a hysterical Hiro and a cool Hatori, who had then rung Haru as soon as they could. Hatsuharu had rushed to the hospital to be by her side, skipping out on school, and he had not left her bedside since then.

Haru wasn’t sure what had happened, but Isuzu was in pretty bad shape. She had a lot of surface injuries – such as the bruises on her shins, and the lacerations all the way up both arms – but there was also a lot of internal damage. When she was brought in, her stomach was bleeding and her heart was threatening to give up. Haru hated seeing his beautiful, strong Rin lying broken in a hospital bed, but he knew that she would hate it even more when she woke up.

The door swung open, startling Hatsuharu. But when he saw it was only Hatori, he slumped down again, brushing Isuzu’s dark fringe out of her face. “You should eat.” Hatori’s voice was clipped and sharp, but Haru shook his head anyway. “As your doctor, I am advising you to eat something. As your relative, I am telling you to. I don’t care what you eat, just eat something. Here, this will do. I was going to have it myself, but I think you need it more.” Hatori offered Haru a small pot of dessert, but he still just shook his head, not looking up.

Hatori sighed, and sat in a chair opposite Hatsuharu’s. “Your face is pale, your eyes are dark, and you look totally drained and dull. Rin isn’t going to mind if you eat something; in fact, I think she’d rather you did, to be honest. Now take this, and eat it, before I force feed you.” Haru was defeated, and he knew it. He accepted the plastic pot wordlessly, and devoured its contents without any cutlery, never taking his eyes off Rin’s still face.

Hatori took the pot back, and dropped it into a bin at his feet. “You ought to get some rest, Haru-kun. And you can’t miss school forever. Haru nodded silently, and rested his chin on the bed as Hatori walked out of the room. He hadn’t slept for three days, and was exhausted. But what if he fell asleep and Rin woke up then? She would think he didn’t care, and he couldn’t allow that to happen. But still…he was so sleepy…and she was completely unresponsive…an hour couldn’t hurt…Haru felt his eyelids droop, and he finally gave in.

Isuzu blinked blearily. Where was she? The white…it was so bright. A repetitive beeping noise sounded, drilling into her brain. And it was so painful…She tried to sit up, but it sent a sharp pain up her spine, so she gave up. Rin could feel something warm on her arm, and looked down. There, sleeping peacefully, was Hatsuharu. She smiled. His soft, white hair tickled her as it moved with his breathing, and his eyelids flickered constantly. His chin was resting on crisp, white sheets, his hand was folded over hers, and his head had lolled to one side.

And then the realisation hit Isuzu. She knew where she was; the one place she hated more than anything. She was in a hospital. Rin pulled needles out of her arms and threw the covers back, jumping out of bed and wrenching her hand out of Haru’s gentle grip. “Hey…where are you going, Rin? I waited for you…and now you’re leaving…sit down. I missed you, I was so worried. Please, just sit a while with me.” Haru’s voice somehow managed to calm Rin, and she sank down onto the bed. “I hate hospitals,” she whispered.

Hatsuharu was so glad to see Rin awake. He took her hand again. “I know you do. But it’s okay, I’m with you. I’m here.” Rin nodded, and smiled slightly. She let Haru tuck her into bed, and then spoke again. “Go and get some sleep, Haru-kun.” Haru shook his head, but Rin wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Do it. Or else I’ll be worrying about you. And you aren’t supposed to stress out people in hospitals.” Haru’s shoulders slumped. He muttered, “Fine. But I’m sleeping in here, with you.” Rin nodded, and watched Haru as he slowly fell back into a dream-filled sleep.

Isuzu stared up at the white ceiling. Memories struggled to be free, and eventually they were, each one jostling for more attention. She remembered fighting with Akito about something…he got angrier and angrier…There was something about Hatsuharu involved…Haru and Rin…and then he knew about them, and he lost it completely…and then she was flying out of the window with a calm mind and a serene smile…Rin didn’t remember the impact with the ground. But now she knew why she was here, at least. She looked over at Haru, and a single tear rolled down her face.

Rin watched Haru sleep until morning. He yawned and stretched before opening his eyes. “Mmmm…I needed that sleep,” he chuckled, kissing Rin’s hand softly and smiling at her. She didn’t smile back; she couldn’t, knowing what she had to say. “Rin? What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Haru looked so concerned, it broke Rin’s heart. And with her next words, she was going to break his.

“I’m bored of you, Haru. I don’t need you anymore.” There, Rin had done it, and she couldn’t undo it. Haru’s mouth fell open slowly, and then he spoke, so quietly, so softly. “Rin…are you breaking up with me?” Rin hardened a little; this was for his sake. She wished she didn’t have to do this, but it was too late now. “Wow, you really are slow to catch on. Maybe Akito was right, maybe you are slow and stupid and dumb.” Rin saw Haru stiffen.

“…Okay,” Haru breathed. “You’re dumping me. I get it. Why, though?” He could feel his voice faltering as he spoke. Rin just stared at him blankly, afraid to speak in case she started to cry. Haru nodded. “Okay,” he repeated. “But I will win you back, Rin.” She blinked. Haru stood up to leave, and then seemed to think again. “I’ll win you back,” he said again, before kissing her. Rin didn’t want it to end. It was so sad, so hopeful, so perfect. And then it was over.

Haru closed the door behind him with a soft click, and slid down to the floor slowly, burying his head in his arms. On the other side of the door, Rin cupped her chin in her shaking hands and forced the tears back. But she had done the right thing by him, she was sure of it…she just hoped he didn’t hurt for too long…

The Aftermath

Neku stood alone in the centre of Scramble Crossing, lost in his thoughts again. This was where it all began; he was pulled into the Game, met Shiki, Beat, Rhyme and Joshua, fought countless Noise and Reapers and a handful of Game Masters. He sighed, and shoved his hands in his pockets, assuming she had forgotten…He didn’t know somebody was watching him from across the road.

Shiki stood only a few feet away from Neku, but didn’t feel like she could talk to him just yet. She had been waiting for this ever since she entered the Game; so why was it so hard to just say hello? Maybe it was the way she looked…since entering the RG again, she was back to her old appearance. Her hair was brown once more, her eyes were hazel, and she was taller. But other than that, she looked completely different to her old self. Her hair was longer, and styled into choppy layers. Her clothes were different, too: she had designed and made her own outfit, without any help from Eri.

Taking a deep breath and steeling herself, Shiki skipped across the road. Just by chance, Neku turned on the spot as she got to the other side. They both gasped at the sight of each other. Shiki felt her face burn up, and knew a fiery blush was crawling up to the roots of her hair. She gripped Mr. Mew tightly. Neku was stunned. Shiki looked completely different to how he remembered her – he knew she didn’t look like herself in the UG, but he had seen a picture of her and this was new. Before Shiki knew what to say or do, she felt Neku envelope her in a tight hug. “Shiki,” he breathed. “Finally.”

Shiki laughed. “What, did you miss me?” she teased. Now it was Neku’s turn to blush. “Yeah well…” he muttered, scuffing his shoe on the ground. She chuckled again, and linked arms with him, wandering along the pavement. “So where do you wanna go?” she asked lightly. Neku shrugged. “Oh! I know!” Shiki cried, and dragged Neku off in a specific direction.

Once the two of them reached Dogenzaka, Neku knew where they were headed, and Shiki slowed down a little, smiling at him. That was when she noticed. She had known he had changed his appearance somehow, but now she knew just how. “You aren’t wearing your headphones anymore!” she laughed. Neku nodded. “Yeah. I’ve changed; what can I say? You’ve changed too, though. You look nice.” Shiki blushed again, and cursed silently.

Inside Ramen Don, Shiki and Neku grabbed a table and ordered two bowls of simple, delicious ramen. Once it was served, Neku laughed into his bowl. He realised Shiki was looking at him questioningly and explained. “Once you left the UG, I had to play through the Game twice more, right? And as part of one of the missions, we made this place popular again. Through using a meme to get Ramen Don to serve this type of ramen again.” Shiki smiled. “While players are in the Game they do so much that affects the RG, and we never even realise, huh?” she said thoughtfully, playing with her ramen. Neku nodded.

After finishing their steaming bowls of ramen, Neku had an idea of where they could go next. He led Shiki by the hand down Centre Street and through the maze of Cadoi City, finally stopping outside a small internet café. “Let’s get some coffee and a conversation, shall we?” he asked. Shiki nodded, and followed him inside.

“Hey, Mr. Hanekoma, can we get a couple of cups of coffee and a chat?” Neku said as they reached the counter. Mr. Hanekoma looked up, confused, and laughed. “Phones! Shiki! Hey, guys! Sit down, I’ll be right with you.” Neku and Shiki sat down at the counter, and Shiki looked at Neku in wonderment. Neku said nothing, just smiled innocently.

Mr. Hanekoma sat down with Neku and Shiki a few minutes later, and they chatted for a while about life since the Game. But the café had to close soon, and Mr. H had some new players to help out, so Neku and Shiki left. “Drop by anytime, guys! Just as long as I’m not helping fresh meat out of any tight spots,” Mr. Hanekoma laughed as he ran off.

Neku took Shiki’s hand, and they walked away in a comfortable silence. There was no need to say anything; they both knew the one place they had left to visit. It took about five minutes to reach the Statue of Hachiko, and they sat on a bench opposite it. Shiki couldn’t help but stare at Neku; he was finally here with her, they were both alive, they were together. She couldn’t ask for much more than that. Well, until Neku leaned over and kissed her, that is.

Neku was as surprised as Shiki was. He pulled back, and they were both bright red. Shiki laughed, and Neku was captivated by the sparkle in her eyes. They weren’t sure how long they sat there, but it could never have been long enough...

Cloud and Sephiroth

“Sephiroth. I knew I’d find you here.” The man being addressed jumped slightly, but composed himself quickly before turning to face the one who had spoken. ‘Sephiroth’ was tall with straight, silver hair that fell past his waist, and he dressed in black from head to toe. He smirked. “Cloud, it’s so good to see you.” The first man laughed bitterly. He had spiky, blonde hair, and he wore dark clothes too. The two men looked very alike. “But why on earth could you be looking for me?” Sephiroth feigned confusion.

Cloud growled. “I’m here to end it all.” With that, he drew a mighty sword and readied himself for a fight. Sephiroth laughed loudly and flicked his hair out of his face before drawing his own sword. It was several times as long as he was tall, but he wielded it with ease. “Don’t be silly, Cloud. You don’t want to get in a fight with me. You need me. I’m a better version of you, and I’m the only person who can help you right now.” Cloud’s voice wavered slightly as he spoke next. “I don’t need you. I have people who care about me, who love me. I need to find my light, I don’t want your darkness. You can just leave me alone!” he cried, sprinting forward, letting his sword scrape across the floor as he ran.

Cloud swung his sword at Sephiroth, but it seemed to just slice through him. “I’m over here, Cloud. Your aim has gotten worse,” Sephiroth mocked. Cloud looked around frantically, and saw Sephiroth had teleported behind him. He charged again, but stopped abruptly as he heard a familiar scream. In front of him, it wasn’t Sephiroth, it was someone else…”Aerith…” Cloud whispered. The woman in front of him nodded. She was crying softly. “Don’t do this, Cloud. You don’t have to kill him; don’t you see? Doing that will only make you a worse person…please don’t do it. For me?”

Cloud tried to rationalise the situation. He knew it was impossible for Aerith to be there, Sephiroth was just playing tricks again. That had to be what was happening, but even so…he couldn’t take that chance, could he? Besides, her words seemed to ring with the truth. Killing Sephiroth, it couldn’t be justified – it was still taking a human life. But then, Sephiroth wasn’t a whole person…and Cloud couldn’t be a whole person whilst Sephiroth was still here. Cloud sighed deeply, and looked back up at Aerith’s kind face. And the anger built up inside of him.

Shock registered on Aerith’s face as Cloud stuck his sword in between two of her ribs. She gasped, and staggered backwards, coughing slightly. Cloud’s hand slipped off the handle of his sword, and he fell to his knees. He heard Aerith breathing heavily, and closed his eyes. Was it finally over? Would he finally have his whole heart to himself? Was Sephiroth finally gone forever? He didn’t want to, but he forced his blue eyes open, allowing a few tears to spatter on the floor.

In front of Cloud, feet away, Aerith had undergone a terrible transformation. Her usually kind face was twisted with rage and pain. She pulled the great blade out, and dropped it. The resounding clatter bounced around, and then Aerith faded into Sephiroth. “How dare you…use Aerith…in that way? You had no right…” Cloud gasped. Sephiroth chuckled. “Had to be done. Now, the curtain falls, as do you.” Sephiroth flicked his sword, and Cloud clenched his teeth. At last, he was going to be with Aerith wholly again…no more having to dream about her…he could see her, touch her, know her again. He smiled slightly, and then realised that nothing was happening. He looked at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth stood calmly, his sword at Cloud’s throat. Blood was blossoming around the wound in his chest. He swallowed. “I don’t like to break my toys. I just play with them.” Cloud stared up in disbelief. Sephiroth sheathed his sword. “I’ll be seeing you again, Cloud. Very soon, I promise you.” He allowed himself one last, lingering laugh as he disappeared into darkness, leaving Cloud alone on the hard floor.

Cloud bowed his head. He had almost been looking forward to dying; that was the only way he could be with Aerith again. But Sephiroth had left him here, still alive. It had killed Cloud’s pride, but it had strengthened his resolve. He had to kill Sephiroth now; for Aerith’s sake as much as his own.

Today's Gaming...

Okay, I just bought The World Ends With You from amazon. It looked pretty darn cool, and was by Square Enix, so I figured it had to be cool! I mean, how could a game by the makers of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy be bad?
I was *not* disappointed. For a DS game, the graphics are really good! And I love the artwork style. The sketchy sort of way the characters are drawn, with the thick lines? It has a really great effect. Plus the music is just plain awesome!!! The storyline isn't as good as the Final Fantasy games, but the handheld console storylines aren't ever as good as PS2 ones.
And Mr. Mew is just plain cool!!!
I love the fashions. But, my one problem, is that Rhyme looks like a boy. So I got confused when everyone kept calling her a her. What's up with that? Oops. O_O

But I'm kinda stuck already. >:|

Other than that, I love it!!!!!!!

Buh bye for now!

The Golden Chamber

This Is A FULL-LENGTH Fan Fic. At least the same length as Harry Potter. Do Not try and read in one session. You have been warned! This is a Joint Fan-fic between Haru 93 and Me. Haru's viewpoint is in italics and mine (Gildas) is ...

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