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Misa's Death...

Misa Amane looked out of the window sadly. She was sat the window seat of the apartment she and Light had lived in…until three weeks ago, that is. Three weeks ago to the day, Misa’s heart had been broken so badly that she knew it would never fix. She looked over at Light’s Iei in its place on the hearth and sighed again. It was a lingering, painful sigh, and she had done it so many times over the last twenty one days that it was impossible to count.

It was raining outside. Misa had always loved the rain; the way it made everything sparkle and shine, the feeling she got when she splashed in all the puddles, and the gentle pitter-patter noise it made when it hit the ground. But now it just echoed in her hollow body. Another shimmering tear rolled down her pale face, and splashed onto the cushion below her. Misa was surprised that she still could cry after the gallons of tears that had leaked out recently.

Misa unknotted herself and rose gradually to her feet. She pulled a lipstick out of her pocket and applied a deep crimson to her pouting lips in the mirror. Once that was done, she smiled sadly and pulled on her coat over the black, pinstriped dress and stockings she was wearing, fiddling with the fastening on her lacy corset as she did so. Misa was still wearing Gothic Lolita, but she refused to wear anything that wasn’t black now. She was a widow, as far as she was concerned – even if she and Light hadn’t managed to get married before his death…

Outside, Misa walked to the bridge in the centre of town, letting herself get soaked in the meantime. Everywhere she looked was desolate, and she settled down on the abandoned bridge, sitting on the edge with her legs dangling over the side. She thought back to the first day she had met Light, and smiled a little. His brown hair playing softly over his face, the serious expression of fierce and absolute concentration carved into his angelic features, the justice fuelled thoughts that she knew were bouncing around in his head…

Without realising, Misa had stood up again. She buttoned up her coat to protect against the sharp, bitter wind that was whipping her hair around her face, and drummed her fingernails on the railings gently. Her nails were immaculately manicured; a deep purple nail varnish that was almost black, with a spiralling silver flower on each one. She ran one hand through her long, blonde hair, with fresh highlights and a gentle curl.

Misa looked better on the outside now than she ever had, but inside, she was black and blue. She had to see Light, at least once more, to apologise…If she had followed Light’s plan perfectly, then he wouldn’t have died…right? His plans were always flawless; it had to have been her fault. Misa decided to take things into her own hands – she would be with Light if it killed her. She clambered up onto the hand rail, oblivious to her four inch heels. Looking down into the foamy, dark waters below, she imagined Light’s face, smiling softly. She took a deep breath. And then…she fell.

Today's Gaming...

Recently, I've started playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 again. I still love it! I like the characters, the battle system, the enemies, the graphics, everything! And I am *so* glad that Sora's voice breaks. It was all squeaky and annoying in the first game :S. Ha ha.
My only problems are:
I hate the first time you visit Land of Dragons. The morale thingy annoys me to hell and back.
Also, I don't like the final boss in Port Royale. Ugh, bugging much?
Other than those two things, I do love it!!!

Recent Gaming

I haven't been on FFXII for ages...about three or four weeks, now. :'( I really wanna finish it! But now I've gotten back into KH2 (I had a sudden and *very* strange urge to play it through again), so it'll have to wait until I've finished Kingdom Hearts again. Third time's a charm! Ha ha. But I will finish FFXII, no matter what! I won't eat, sleep or talk until I'm done.
Okay, that isn't necessarily true...
But I will still finish it!!! XD

Recent Gaming

I've almost finished!!!
Seriously chuffed XD
I've got either three or four days left, can't remember which :
But I wanna know what happens with Neku and Shiki at the end!!!
I hope they show the two of them meeting up afterwards...Tie everything up properly, you know?
They're a really cute couple :D
So yeah! Nearly done! But I have hardly any time to game at the moment, with coursework, and exams soon, and a holiday to pack for. Ha ha. But I shall finish it! This week, I swear!!!

Yui's Ordeal

Yui’s eyelids flickered and shook before finally fluttering open. She groaned. Where was she? What had happened to her? Everything was such a blur, it was so confusing. She tried to sit up, but felt a sharp pain in her ribs, and flopped back down again. Looking around, Yui realised she was lying on top of her bed, back home and safely in her room. That was a relief. Because the last thing she had remembered was being back in ‘The Legend of the Four Gods’.

Yui had gone in search of Tamahome, through the crowded streets of the book’s world. Eventually she got lonely and scared, and wanted nothing more than to go home. But she didn’t know how to get home, and so had to continue looking for him…”Are you looking for Tamahome?” a rough looking man had asked. Yui was startled, but nodded slightly. The man grinned. “I’m his mate. I can take you to him, if ya want? Free of charge.” He grabbed Yui’s arm, but she pulled away. “Oh, thanks, but that’s okay. I was actually about to go home.” She started to walk away, but he caught up with her and planted his hand forcefully on her shoulder.

“Honestly, you shouldn’t be wandering around here aimlessly. There are dangerous people about, and you clearly have no clue. So come with me.” Yui hesitated for a minute, but nodded all the same. He was right; she stuck out as lost and naïve, this guy was her best bet. She followed him through the bustling town, his hand never letting go of hers. Yui was constantly looking around, mystified. This Japan couldn’t be any more unlike her Japan.

The man led Yui through the town and out the other side, and they walked along a dirt track for a while, before entering a thick wood. Yui looked up at the thick canopy above their heads, and noticed that very little light could reach them down here. She suddenly realised what a dangerous move this had been. “Are we…almost there?” she choked out, narrowly avoiding tripping over a protruding tree root.

The man turned around, grinning widely. Fear struck Yui, and she turned to run, but his grip on her hand was too tight. “You’re impatient, huh? Well then, we’ll just have to stay here,” he chuckled. Yui tugged at her hand, but it didn’t work. Instead she decided to fight, and flew at him, scratching, biting and kicking at him. He growled loudly, and threw her to the ground, putting one foot on her left wrist, pressing down with all his weight. Yui cried out in pain, and scrabbled uselessly at her trapped wrist with her free hand, but it had no effect. Finally, her bone snapped, and the bandit released the pressure.

Yui lay there, panting in pain and clutching her broken wrist. Meanwhile, the bandit straightened up, put two fingers in his mouth, and whistled loudly. Scurrying noises erupted in the trees around her, and seven or eight men jumped into the clearing. Her pulse raced ahead of her mind, which was digesting facts very slowly. There was nothing she could do now; she was heavily outnumbered. So she gave in to her impulse, and opened her mouth wide to scream.

A meaty hand was clapped over Yui’s mouth, and she felt herself being pulled around roughly. She struggled and fought, but they were just too strong, and she was helpless. It was so painful…so painful…

Yui woke with a start. She hadn’t even realised she had fallen asleep…It had only been a dream, but that didn’t stop the fact that it had really happened. Yui checked her left wrist; it was bandaged in white cloth. So her mum must know that something had happened. What surprised Yui more than anything was that her mother had cared enough to bandage her up. She stood up, wobbling a little, and rubbed her head dejectedly. “Miaka…” she whispered. But what could Miaka do to help? Nothing. This was her problem.

So Yui resolved herself to it. She took a few unsteady steps over to her desk, and rooted through her drawers until she found what she had been looking for. Yuki flicked the blade up out of the army knife, watching the sun’s rays skip over it and glint brightly, and then pressed it to her un-bandaged wrist, smiling sadistically as she increased the pressure. “Yui! Dinner!” Her mother’s voice pulled her back to reality, but she ignored the call all the same. She continued with the knife, but she heard a knock on the door. “Yui? I’m coming in now.” Yui panicked and dropped the knife, sending it skittering across the floor. “Dinner’s ready,” her mother said from the doorway, smiling softly.

Yui sighed, and followed her mother reluctantly. She would have to wait to finish what she had started…