I love manga, anime and video games. Here's all about my favourites!! All the info I know (and thought of while I was writing...), so if you know anything else, please, tell me!!!!!!!
haha ^ ^
But just a warning, this is my first Otaku World, so I'm bound to make a few mistakes here :)
Also, I make a lot of typos cus I type kinda fast sometimes and have *always* been way too lazy to check over it. But hey.
And I apologize in advance for the fan fic. I have the most unoriginal ideas.



Chapter One: Changes I was in agony. The pain had burned through me, leaving a poisonous sensation. My mind had clouded over, except for one thought: death. It would be a welcome reprieve from this unbearable torture. I had...

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You know you're too obsessed with Twilight if... 1. Everything you talk about somehow relates back to Twilight. 2. You get invited to the cinema and try to convince your friends to see Twilight again. 3. You c...

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My Concise List of RPG Cliches

It's a list of the 30 most commonly recurring cliches in CRPGs. It applies to most CRPGs I've come across - most definitely every Final Fantasy game - and every one of these points is at least slightly ridiculous. And yet we still play these games...

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He Won't Want You To Follow Him...

This is a sort of…bizarre alternate reality. It’s set after Kingdom Hearts 2, and features a Riku who’s lonely because Sora and Kairi are always together; a Sora who pretends he’s only with Kairi because it was always like a compet...

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Al Bhed Indeed

Haru 93: We’re back! It’s Gildas Magnus and me again! And once more, my parts are written in italics, and his are in underline. I do so love my continuity… Gildas Magnus: Just in case it isn’t clear, I’m “Steven” and Ha...

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