Let's Work Together!-->End

This is just a quick post to tell you the winners of my challenge!

First place:
External Image
* Bursting with {Colors.} *
by Hanaro Souhi and josephine12cute

Second Place:
External Image
by kisskiss-bangbang and josephine12cute

Third Place:
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~ {WoNdErFuL} Life. ~ Memories
by Hanaro Souhi and belletoile

Ok, so there's also two special winners, that didn't really submit cause they didn't make it in time. But they're both always so nice to me and I really liked their wallie so I'm going to make an exeption.

Special Place:
External Image
My Love
by ecnelisterger and cloud55strife

You guys are going to resive two gifts each, just like all the other winners. And also one card each. I hope it's enough!^^
That's all I have to go back to my studying!