Rhythm in my head

I really need to make this post! As most of you may have noticed lately I've been uploading wallies and cards based on a certain song. So I thought it was about time I uploaded THE song.
Here it is~

You can find the lyrics:HERE

I hope noone is tired of the whole song theme I'm using right now!>.< Cause there are two more wallies for this song and then I'm moving on to the rest of the album!
Enough of that! Well, even though now I have more free time, since my semester hasn't started yet, I still miss the deadlines for some challenges. It's like I find doing nothing all day and going out with my friends to fill all the time I have...Sorry for the ones I missed and the ones I'm about to miss!
I finished reading a lot of books lately and I swear I want to start writing their reviews but I don't find any motivation! Sucks!!! At least I have inspiration to do some wallies and cards...
I think that's all...
Have a nice day everyone!

P.S. I was thinking of accepting requests about wallies and cards, since it's easier to make them when you know what you have to make. So anyone who wants something comment or pm!