I got Promoted!!!^^

Well, I didn't expect this day to come, but it did!!! I got promoted to Senior Otaku++, only one step behind from Otaku Legend! ^^ Yay!!! That made my day!
I know I haven't been around lately! Haven't posted here, or at any other world and haven't uploaded anything, but right now I'm in the middle of my semester exams and there's just so much studying that needs to be done!
Although, I'm writing two reviews on some trilogies I read recently(the hunger games & the midnighters) and I'll post them on my bookworm world and on Kelsey's book world.
Well, since I'm about to post this let's say more about what I've been up lately.
I spend 25 days of christmas at my hometown(long x-mas, I know...) From there I visited another town, where my bff goes to Uni and we stayed there for a couple of days. Also almost at the end of my vacation my bff, her family and I went on another trip. We stayed at a friends house for three days. It was so much fun. Except one thing: our air bed mattres. It's such a bad idea, especially when the one you're sleeping with is spinning in her sleep (that was me btw!!!^^') When one of us was changing her sleeping position the other one just kept going up and down...nightmare!!!!
Anyways, lately I have a song stuck in my mind.

I really love it! The music and especially the lyrics! Makes me cry...T^T with no apparent reason.
I can't wait until the exams are over and the new semester begins. Cause new semester means new classes!!! I love learning stuff(hate studying though...) I'm getting somewhat of nervous about what I'm going to do once I'm done with the Uni. I want to go for a master degree but I have no idea on what...I still can't pick a computer section I like the most...I like them almost all the same! And also I don't know where I want to go...Do I want to stay in greece or go outside of the country(I'd love to do the second but I don't know if my parents could support me economically like they do now) Well...so much things to think about and I should really decide until the end of the next semester, cause if I leave it for the last year it'll be too late.
Enough of that! I'm nervous enough about the future on an everyday basis I don't need to get nervous in here too...Well just so you know by the end of the month I'll be done with my exams and I'll be full time back here!
Ok, that's it. It was a long post. Hope it didn't wear you out.
Cya ^^