Long time~

Woooow, it's been such a long time since my last post...more than two weeks!!! Well, since I got here, to my hometown, on the 17th of the month I didn't spend any time staying still. I was always out with my friends or making small trips to the near towns or out with my parents! I just didn't had that much time left to post anything. Although I submitted to most of the challenges I wanted to. I only missed a few...I have to start scanning some of my fan art to upload, or do a wallie or a card, something...my account is the most inactive it's ever been...It's kind of weird!
I didn't do any study either so I decided to stay in today so that I can start studying and I did, but...there's so much more that needs to be done! This Christmas will be the most restless I've ever had...
To realize how busy I am here's a hint: I've only read a chapter of the book I'm reading right now!!! In a whole week!!! That's weird for me...It should be done by now...>.<
Anyways, I just hope that I'll find the time to finish...if not all then most of my studying! And upload things here and still be able to get out and have fun...that's gonna be hard...

Ciao everyone!