The sky is falling down

The title is the song that's stuck in my mind the past few days!
this is a link to the original
And this is the version I prefer:

Yay, punk goes pop volume 3 is awesome!!! I love all the previous albums of punk goes... they're great! ^^

So, I'm in a really good mood today! Last Friday and until 3pm today my univercity was closed. There was a meeting of all the students and we voted that we must keep the university closed in order to protest about some changes in the educational system. Today the same thing happened and the uni is closed until Friday, when there's gonna be yet another meeting and another voting! I don't mind having some free time, but if this keeps on going then we'll propably lose the whole semester...and that would suck cause I studied my @ss of these past few months!
So, then I started wondering when do we stop thinking about the greater good and start thinking about our personal one. I mean, I don't like the changes that they're trying to force on the educational system (not that I love it the way it is, but whatever...) but I also don't wanna miss a whole semester...Cause propably nothing's gonna change, and I'll be stuck with the same projects next year! But I do believe that we should fight for what we thing is right!!! Also I believe that I'll be miserable if I lose a semester for nothing!
You might wonder what I voted...well...nothing. I couldn't decide what was better! I didn't vote at the first meeting and I didn't vote today either! I just couldn't bring myself to do it~
Crap, I'm really messed up about it! I hope that we won't lose the semester...T^T

Oh, I made a wallie today, after messing around with my new brushes!!!^^
External Image
Check it out! Yeap, it's named after the song >.<

EDIT: I just realized that I have 12 challenges to enter! And have no idea what to make for any of them!!! I just got an idea for a challenge of mine!!! hehe...let's see if I can make it work!!!^^

SECOND EDIT: I made the challenge!!!yay!!! Check it out here

I think that's all for now, it was a long post for me...^^'