Falling Apart~

The day before yesterday everything was fine for me! I had my health and I was in a prefectly good shape, and I had some free time from studying so I decided to go to a party! The club was crowded but the party was awesome! And I actually left at 6:45 in the next morning and fell asleep around 7:30!

That was the last time I had any fun!!!

Yesterday, I woke up around 2 p.m. and I decided to go to the gym! So I put my clothes on and left the house. While I was rushing down the stairs I fell!!! I actually fell only 3-4 steps but I landed on the floor and my foot got caught on the other end of the wall and my knee was hurting like hell. Still I went to the gym, cause I'm used to falling. There I while I was caareful not to hurt my knee, I realized that my throat was hurting a little too!

So by the time I went back home I was limping and I was sick! I spend all last night breathing throuhg my mouth, which I hate, and waking up just to sneeze!

So now I'm covered in brushes, even the palm of my left hand is brushed, and I have the flew...So yeah, I'm kind of falling apart!