This is a world in which I'll post my everyday stuff...
Things that happened, thoughts... things like that...
Lets begin with the introductions:
Real Name: Veronica ( That's what the V stands after Krondorian )
Age: 21
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 1.73 m (i think that's 5'8'')
Ocupation: Student of Computer Science ( in the 4th year )
Place of Residence: Herakleion, Crete, Greece
Things I like: Everything that makes me smile
Things I dislike: Not much...

I think that's enough for now...
Hope you enjoy my world~

A link to my books' reviews world:

Diary of Gaara~

I was bored and snooping all around youtube and remembered a video i watched a while ago! The song is "Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin and it's the acoustic version.

The whole kid-Gaara video is so cute and sad!!! I mean don't you just wanna hug him and squeeze him?

Anyways that was it for tonight I'm really bored, I watched like 10 episodes of season 1 of Veronica Mars and I'm so tired!!!
Good night everyone~

50 Questions~

I saw this in a few worlds and thought it would be fun!!!^^ Let's go! 1.LOVER OR A FIGHTER?: Well, to be a lover you have to be a fighter!!! So Fighter, for now. 2.WHAT’S YOUR WORST FEAR?: My worst fear is my greate...

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Skl Jealous~

Ok, so lately I've been reading everyones posts about going back to school and everything and I have to admit I got a little bit jealous~
I really liked school, I loved it to be more exact! Ok, I had my bad moments wishing it would be over and some of the classes were a pain in the butt, but I have to say I really enjoyed it! Especially my last year!!! I was with all my friends in the same class. I was talking to my best friend who still lives at my hometown, at the other end of the country, soooo far away from me T_T and we start talking about the fun times we had.

I really liked school~ T_T

I wish I could be 17 again, like the movie or something... o_O
Anyways, it's not that I don't like my life now, the university is great and I made a lot of new friends and I've seen a lot of new places, but it's not the same and it will never be.
I love my classes although they're exausting...Computer science can be a real pain in the butt! Still I'm really excited for the new semester to begin, in September 20th, cause I really wanna see my new classes!!! ^^ I can be such a dork sometimes...

So just an advise for those of you that are complaning about school: Enjoy it while it lasts, cause it's over too soon T_T

That was pretty much it.
Good night or morning or whatever.

Airplanes as shooting stars~

I'm so happy that my first challenge had so many entries in just a few days!!! ^^ I really wanna see what more you guys will submit!!! ^^ And also I wanna thank you all for...well everything. Lately I feel so loved here!

Anyways, today is a great day. First cause I finish Midnighters(the secret hour) and i started reading the second one on the series. Also I ate my favourite ice-cream(choco-mint). And finally the weather is getting colder at night and i use a light blanket... ^^

This song is stuck to my mind the last few days, it's really nice...

Oh, and also today i ordered a wooden kunai!!!
External Image

Hmmm, that's all, I'm just so hyper right now I can't go to sleep and it's midnight and i have to wake up early tomorrow!!!


TheO Meme

1. Type your full username.

2. Do you have other accounts? If so, what is the name(s) of it/them

3. What do you submit on theO?
Wallpapers, Cards, a few fan arts (only two)...

4. Out of what you submit most, what is the most popular piece?
External Image
Views:896, Hugs:76, Favs:73

External Image
Views:301, Hugs:54, Favs:50

5. Are you surprised?
Well this are two of my favourite ones, but i never thought they'd do so well!!! ^^

6. Who is your best friend on theO?
I don't think I have one best friend~ I just try to eb friends with everyone I know!

7. Who is your enemy on theO?
I...don't...know... >.<

8. Who do you admire on theO?
All my subscriptions!!! and even more of them!!! ^^

9. When did you join theO?
01/19/09(around the time that you had to login to download a wallie ^^)

10. Do you like theO?
Yeah, I really love it here. I'm glad I found a place like that!!!

11. Have any nicknames on here?
Well, I've been called V, KV, Vi...that's all. Not much of nicknames!!!^^

12. Belong to rps? If you do, names?
The Black Order's Castle, Vongola Base, D.gray-man Room...

13. What do you usually do on here?
Fav, Hug, Comment, Post, Guest Post and now challenges!!!! hehe...

14. Do you know anyone on theO in real life?

15. Is a family member on here?
No, they won't even now what anime or manga is~

16. Do you comment often?
almost everyday, when I'm not bored, but at least I hug and fav everyday!!!

17. Is there anything you wish you could take back involving theO?
the time that i spend just login in to download things, not knowing that theO is more, it took me almost a year to get active here!!!

18. If yes, what?
Crap...I should have read this, see above!!!^^

19. How much of your time is spent on here?
a lot! when I'm not busy and i stay home i'm online all day long!

20. Do you keep in contact with anyone on theO that you don’t know in rl?
All the people that we exchange comments!!!

21. Something you LOVE about theO?

22. Something you HATE about theO?
That i can't post more than 5 comments at a comment bar the one after the other. (i just found this one out)

23. Something you wish you could change?

24. How many subscribers do you have?

25. Are you fine with that number?
I would like to have more, but they're enough! Cause it doesn't matter how many you have it's who they are!!!

26. Do you call people on theO with “Chan”, “Kun”, “San”, “Sama”, “Sensei”, etc.?
Yeap, i think it's cute!

27. Do you know what any of those even are?
Ofcourse, it was like one of the first things i learned from japanese!!!^^

28. Who do you talk to on theO the most?
hmmm...i have no idea! Myself!?! o.O

29. Does theO have a influence on your every day life?
Yeap. I wake up every morning and login in, and just get in touch with my virtual life here. it's cool!!!

30. What did you think of this 30 question meme?
hmmm...fine ^^ and it was a good chance to make a banner!!!