This is a world in which I'll post my everyday stuff...
Things that happened, thoughts... things like that...
Lets begin with the introductions:
Real Name: Veronica ( That's what the V stands after Krondorian )
Age: 21
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 1.73 m (i think that's 5'8'')
Ocupation: Student of Computer Science ( in the 4th year )
Place of Residence: Herakleion, Crete, Greece
Things I like: Everything that makes me smile
Things I dislike: Not much...

I think that's enough for now...
Hope you enjoy my world~

A link to my books' reviews world:

Bleach New Op & End

This is Bleach's new opening!!! It's awesome!!! I heard it and loved it immediately!!!! >3<

And this is the new ending!!!


Stolen from Emmz

EMO [ ] you own at least 5 black shirts [ ] you like skinny jeans [x] you're listening to music right now [x]you have painted your fingernails black before [x] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/mp3 [ ] H...

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The title says pretty much everything!
So I'm busy as hell...But I promise I'll send everyone their gifts for entering my challenge on the weekend and I'll make the card for Sakura's Card Meme and I'll make the prizes for my challenge and I'll make a post for my challenge here too, for the ones that didn't won but did awesome work and I'll enter some challenges!!!!
Oh, a few days ago I saw that I won a challenge [!]!!!^^ yay!!! I didn't see that coming cause I already had a different top three in my mind...
Anyways, that's it!!! I have to go die now...I'm so tired and it's only 4:00pm here!

My challenge!

I promise I'll have the results by tomorrow night(night for me)! I'll also send everyone their gifts! ^^' So please wait!
I'm sorry but I'm really buse these days and don't really have any time to do anything more than fav and hug!
ごめんなさい Gomen nasai!!!

Falling Apart~

The day before yesterday everything was fine for me! I had my health and I was in a prefectly good shape, and I had some free time from studying so I decided to go to a party! The club was crowded but the party was awesome! And I actually left at 6:45 in the next morning and fell asleep around 7:30!

That was the last time I had any fun!!!

Yesterday, I woke up around 2 p.m. and I decided to go to the gym! So I put my clothes on and left the house. While I was rushing down the stairs I fell!!! I actually fell only 3-4 steps but I landed on the floor and my foot got caught on the other end of the wall and my knee was hurting like hell. Still I went to the gym, cause I'm used to falling. There I while I was caareful not to hurt my knee, I realized that my throat was hurting a little too!

So by the time I went back home I was limping and I was sick! I spend all last night breathing throuhg my mouth, which I hate, and waking up just to sneeze!

So now I'm covered in brushes, even the palm of my left hand is brushed, and I have the flew...So yeah, I'm kind of falling apart!