This is a world in which I'll post my everyday stuff...
Things that happened, thoughts... things like that...
Lets begin with the introductions:
Real Name: Veronica ( That's what the V stands after Krondorian )
Age: 21
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 1.73 m (i think that's 5'8'')
Ocupation: Student of Computer Science ( in the 4th year )
Place of Residence: Herakleion, Crete, Greece
Things I like: Everything that makes me smile
Things I dislike: Not much...

I think that's enough for now...
Hope you enjoy my world~

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Yeap i got promoted to a senior otaku... i never thought this day would come... i hadn't uploaded anything for a few days but here it comes. I'm a senior otaku!!! ^^

It's the same guy!!!

No wonder t.m.revolution sound like abingdon boys school. the singer is the same.
Takanori Nishikawa. i was searching for some lyrics and the wikipedia article came up. It seems that t.m.revolution are releasing cds 20 years now and Abingdon boys school was Takanori Nishikawa's side band.
I am just shocked by my good ear!!! I never thought i had it in me!!! ^^
External Image

Sengoku Basara 2

Ok so i just find out that the second season of Sengoku Basara is starting on July 11th. I love this anime!!!
I also found the new opening, the song is great. is the first song i heard from t.m.revolution and they kind of sound like abingdon boys school, who sang the first opening.
So i'm uploading both of them...

"JAP" by Abingdon Boys School

"Sword Summit" by t.m.revolution

The photo in the video is so random!!! o.O

And now some photos:
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External Image
External Image
External Image
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Ja ne

I'm Afraid of 8 Out of 72 Common Fears

I stole this from the furious storm [x] the dark [] staying single forever [] being a parent [] giving birth [] being myself in front of others ...

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Harry Potter 7

I couldn't find the poster anywhere so i'm uploading the whole link to imdb.
I loved it by the time i saw it.
If only they it was only one movie and not two parts... but maybe it's for the best.
Harry Potter 7
I just had a fangirl moment... that was all