This is a world in which I'll post my everyday stuff...
Things that happened, thoughts... things like that...
Lets begin with the introductions:
Real Name: Veronica ( That's what the V stands after Krondorian )
Age: 21
Hair Color: Auburn
Height: 1.73 m (i think that's 5'8'')
Ocupation: Student of Computer Science ( in the 4th year )
Place of Residence: Herakleion, Crete, Greece
Things I like: Everything that makes me smile
Things I dislike: Not much...

I think that's enough for now...
Hope you enjoy my world~

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Drrr!!! Yaoi >///<

Just a quick post before I go out for the night.
Ok this is like the best yaoi video of drrr!! i've seen! It's really artistic in a way...

BTW I love the song! it rocks!!! ^^

Oh, and another one

Ja ne

Almost Lost...

Stole this from Blue Latte "What kind of Anime Fan are you?" By EcnelisTerger 'You can be saved!' [x] You don't have anime action figure. [ ] You still hesitated when it comes to anime and food. [ ] You watch ...

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European...i already knew that >.<

Stolen from Blue Latte [ ] Both of your parents are from Asia [ ] You use the term “Azn” [x] You think DDR is fun [x] You’ve watched lots of anime [ ] You like Korean dramas [ ] You have stuff...

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Deathly Hallows

So i was watching some trailers on youtube and came across this:

It reminded me how much i want to watch the new movie. it kind of sucks that it's going to be in two parts but at least it waon't be missing so many stuff like all the other movies. Don't get me wrong, i like the movies a lot. but the books are a thousand times better. and sometimes there's just so much someone can do in a two hours movie.

So the first movie will be out around 17-19 of November 2010 and the second around 14-15 of July 2011. that's half a year!!! Thank goodness i read the books and know what's going to happen. I can't imagine how it feels to see the first part of a movie and wait half a year for the second one!

That was it for now

o.O Nani?

Ok, so I'm Bored!!!!
Too bored to make a wallie, too bored to even make a card!!! but not a banner
The last couple of days i was on ebay spending all my money... I'm glad I did cause i love to order things online and then wait for them to appear at my door.
I order a lot of charms, for my charm bracelets, four books, a keychain with Kon from Bleach and some silver and gold candles. Yeah, i order all kind of stuff on the internet.
Even though i love shopping online i prefer real life shopping, but since i live in Greece, the books i want are barely translate in my language and i actually prefer to read the original script. How about anime stuff? Well you can forget about them. I live in the 4th greater city of my country, which is like 350.000 citisens...only. If i lived in Athens, which has 7.000.000 citisens it would be much easier to find the things i want, but i manage. And there is always ebay, thank goodness!!!
Anyways, that was my bored bubble...
Oh, by the way i was at a club last night and this song got stuck in my head:

And I will never fall in love-love-love again
There ain't no reason for us baby to pretend

That was all, thanks for reading, hope i didn't bore you too.
Ja ne~