Hi everyone! (Or at least the people reading this...)
So as you know(or don't) I really like making wallpapers and cards
....So.... if you want any cards or wallies send me a PM or comment!

(So that it's easier for me, if you want anything, fill in the 'forms' below!)

Type of card/wall: (e.g. Valentine's Day, Christmas Time)
Anime/Manga/Drama/TV show: (I'm very bad at making walls/cards with real life people inside. Just a warning)
Theme: (e.g. starry night theme, pink-and-white theme)
Quote/Song lyric:
Particular scan (optional):
Dos: (e.g. I WANT fireworks, I WANT a border)
Don'ts:(e.g. NO flowers, NO sparkles but who wouldn't want sparkles?!)

I apologize in advance if you do not like it or if your requests takes a long time. *bows*
If you do not like it I'll give you a remade wall/card and a gift as an apology and if I take too long I'll send you a gift(I hope you'd like it though...)

See you again! Or not... W-whichever you prefer I guess....