Well....hello there....

So...um....I haven't done anything artsy or whatever lately...I started a David Tennant and Legend of Zelda picture but I haven't had the motivation to finish it yet.

Occasionally, I come back and look at all of the stuff people submit and do and whatever. I kind of really miss it here. I'm not going to post my art unless I really feel like I have something good, but I am here.

Lot's of changes in my life. Some good...some not so good, but whatever.

I've decided to focus more on my music. Going to major in music at college. Eventually get my DMA. Fun fun fun stuff. I'm going to still do art though.

Been listening to a lot of differnt things.
Some Kimbra and stuff like that:

A lot of Jazz: (I am playing lead alto in jazz band this year. So jazz has taken over my life basically.)

And a whole bunch of random orchestral amazingness:

I don't know why I'm posting. Pretty sure nobody is going to read this. But...i'm alive. I'm here.