time no post.

Yep. The title says it all.

I am so glad it's summer. I was kind of sad to leave school since this was the first year I actually enjoyed, but not waking up at 6 every morning is so much better! hahaha

Life is life i geuss. Not great but i'm dealing with it.

I haven't really been doing much lately, i mean, i have been doing stuff, but not drawing or Otaku-ing (Is that a word? Probably not. Oh well!) lately.
It's summer, so hopefully i'll be able to do some more stuff on here. I am working a drawing though, actually a series of drawings. Looking pretty okay so far. I just decided to randomly draw after watching Doctor Who one day. Hopefully they'll be up soon.

Have I mentioned my love of Doctor Who? No? Well it's amazing. I'm pretty much obsessed with it now. It makes me so mad the i have to wait UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER for another new episode. Grrrrr... lol
I would put the theme song or some Doctor Who related music (because it's gorgeous!) up but i'm stuck using a library computer for a while since my brother decided to shoot a gun at it. Way to go bro.

Yeah, so now that i'm back to having no life except for on the internet and at work, i'll have a lot of time to do stuff. So yeah...