blah blah blah happy spring

yep. happy spring!
I realized that i hadn't posted in a while...for a few months i think. :/ idk
A bunch has happened over the last few months.

1)my basement flooded so all my art sort of died and i have to do them over.

2)i decided to switch the harp as my main instrument. I always sort of held onto the hope that i could play everything and learn it all. But, apparently you can't...which is sad. so, i geuss i'll just save up for a big harp...which costs a lot.

3)I got a job!!! Wooooo!!! I now work at the library making minimum wage. It's not a lot once everybody takes off taxes, but it's something at least! :) I figure out that if i kept this job, it will take me 10 years of working to pay for the harp i would like.

Overall, it's been a hard few months, but fun! :)
I'll try to put some drawing or stuff up when i can!