Another piano piece that I am probably insane to even attempt...that is proof of how stupid I am.

I can now play the 2 songs I had set myself to play a month ago on another post a month ago.
Now, I have decided to play Passion(or Sanctuary) on the piano. This is the opening song for Kingdom Hearts 2 and scares me.
Here is a video:
I am playing about 1/4 of that speed at the moment and sounds like a train wreck...stupid key signature...grrrrrrrrrrr.
Wish me luck! I hope to finish this song by early May(I'm giving myself long time to do this.)

It has snowed a lot here...I haven't been to school for almost a week and a half. It is nice to have off, but I'm sick of seeing snow everywhere!!! We have gotten a couple feet...maybe 3?
Oh well...