Woah!!! Last night/today I have gotten about 2-3 feet of snow!!!!!!:0
I don't live in a particularly cold and snowy area, so THIS IS AMAZING!!!

Being the lazy person that I am, I have sat inside all day playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I've been playing on my old file that I gave up on after failing on the second grim reaper and Xaldin. So, yesterday, i sat down and beat them both!!! Withoutdying orusing King Mickey's help!!!! It's a miricle!!!
So far, I have completed all levels exept for The World That Never Was, Pride Lands, Hollow Bastiens, and Twilight town(I think i'm supposed to go there again, but i'm not sure...this is my first time playing through the game).

Aaaaaah!! I'm addicted!!!!
So, Enjoy these videos!