Poem that I wrote

I wrote a poem for my english class, and I really like it. And I just wanted to see how people like it, and get some opinions on it.

Life of the Computer Geek
By Harplayer

As you stare at the computer monitor all day,
people think you're crazy!
Your eyes are too dry
your hands are cramped
But you've never been happier.

People wonder
"How can you sit inside all day,
While other people are outside?"
I don't know
But I do know,
That I am addicted to that wonderful clicking sound
that the keys make as I type.

I love the feeling
of all the information in the world
at your fingertips

How I'm able to speak my mind
while I'm too afraid
to raise my hand in school

I love how no one knows me,
no one can judge me
and I can be myself

And it fascinates me
how I can learn the computer's complicated language
and enjoy it
more than a book

So people say
"Get out!"
"Log off!"
"Shut down that computer!"
How can they say that,
when there,
i'm actually