Hola! I'm harplayer.

I'm 17, a bookworm, a spaz, and...

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!(well you probably figured that out already)I play the

flute, piano, harp, baritone sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

I just wanted a place to talk about many random subjects(and to see if i could

even make a world)

And remember...


Harry Potter Comics

I was surfing around and found this series of comics. They are so funny! And what makes them better is that they are true to the books! ...

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Ode to Roxas and Xion

I found these songs!!!! The first one makes me want to cry!!!

and just thought this was so well done
Isn't the piano in the beginning pretty?

My science fair project

So, i'm doing a science project for my school like this title said. My theme was to see if non-musicians play rock band better than musicians. Little did I know that I would be listening to the same song over, and over, and over, and over x40. Aaaaagh!!!! I picked Nine in the Afternoon for everyone to play and had people test it.
It doesn't sound that bad but, you try and listen to it for 6+ hours for 2DAYS!!!! It gets pretty annoying.
On the upside, I have all of my data and I can now play Panic Attack(as seen in the post below(I think)) on hard on guitar, which for me, is an accomplishment.

I'm trying to play these kingdom hearts songs on the piano. They sound like this.

Fate of the Unknown:
(actually not a hard song except I like to play it about twice as fast)
The Other Promise:

A very pretty song(i hate the triplets in the bass clef)but i'm working on it. I hope to accomplish it by the end of the month.

Oh well...what fun.

See! I incorporated music into this post!

Orgonization 13 songs continued...

okey-dokey now... Saix- ...

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I was playing rock band the other day and discovered this song. Amazing! I love the complexity of it!

Unfortunately, I overestimated my drumming skills (on rock band)and tried it on hard...bad idea. I got about half of a star before I failed miserably...I can do it on easy though.

Oh well...