Hola! I'm harplayer.

I'm 17, a bookworm, a spaz, and...

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!(well you probably figured that out already)I play the

flute, piano, harp, baritone sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

I just wanted a place to talk about many random subjects(and to see if i could

even make a world)

And remember...


Polka dot elaphants

Okey-dokey! So, my cousin asked me "how many pokka dots can
fit an average jungle elephant if the pokka dots are 2 inches in

So, being the wierd and math-loving geek I am, I figured it out!

By following the formula to find an elephant’s surface area: S=–8.245+6.807H+7.073FFC,

The average Indian elephant (I couldn’t find the jungle elephant) would have an average of 215 square feet. I'm assuming that you would divide by 2 square inches, or 0.1666667(etc)square feet. So I did this correctly, you would be able to fit about 1,290 polka dots on it. Now, is there any space between the dots or are they all squished together?

Just a random bit of fun math! Let me know if I did it wrong.

"The Phantom of the opera is there..."

Okey-dokey... last night, I saw Phantom Opera for the first time! It...is...amazing!!!

So, I have the movie version of my favorite song:

and the broadway version:

Which do you think is better?
I personally like the the movie version; the actors and the music.

Also, I won the science fair!! 1st place!!!
You can see what I did it on in a post that I did a while ago.


OOoohOOOh! Look!

It's a kingdom hearts comic!
External Image
I'm so bored!!!

Waiting to here the results for our science fair!!!


Hehe...my brother was playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl(in my opinion the worst game in the world next to pacman)So, I saw a picture of the character Pit and thought that there were so many similarities between them. I may be wrong and going blind,so i will let you decide for yourselves.
External ImageExternal Image


I posted yesterday...and the day before...but i couldn't resist posting what I found!

(Okay this is modify-mode me, and it would not let me post the video so here.)
This is amazing!! I can barely figure out how to do all that cool stuff with photoshop and this guy is making an avatar? i feel so stupid.

Oh well.