Hola! I'm harplayer.

I'm 17, a bookworm, a spaz, and...

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!(well you probably figured that out already)I play the

flute, piano, harp, baritone sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

I just wanted a place to talk about many random subjects(and to see if i could

even make a world)

And remember...



hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I'm in a good mood at the moment. Why?????Because I finally completed kingdom hearts 2!!!!!!!!!! yay!Even if I did play on easy, used about 10 high potions, and died 3 times, I am very proud of myself.
I kept dying at the part where xemnas captures sora and you have to rescue him as riku. I hated that part, but the rest was like a movie!

This is a very funny link. http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/077/2/e/Animator_vs__Animation_by_alanbecker.swf It made me laugh.

I got into the talent show at my school. I am playing 'Fate of the Unknown". I put a video in for that song on an earlier post.

very pretty song and video. The song is Numb by Linkin Park.

The most gorgeous song in the entire universe

So, while surfing the internet trying to find a cool ( song for my schools' talent show, I stumbled upon a video and sheet music of the song "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt.
Here is a video:
I think it is gorgeous and is working on all 11 pages of it. (You can google the sheet music). 11 pages full of pure fun.:)

I've been super busy lately. All of my teachers decided squeeze in a million tests before spring break that greatly effect my grade.


Hmmmm...wow. I have not posted in a while.
So far, I am failing pretty miserably at Passion on the piano(if there is anyone with advice for it, please don't hesitate. You can get sheet music at ichigo's.com)
Bored...and tired...and sick of testing. grrrrrrr...
Here! Enjoy this image!!!External Image

Another piano piece that I am probably insane to even attempt...that is proof of how stupid I am.

I can now play the 2 songs I had set myself to play a month ago on another post a month ago.
Now, I have decided to play Passion(or Sanctuary) on the piano. This is the opening song for Kingdom Hearts 2 and scares me.
Here is a video:
I am playing about 1/4 of that speed at the moment and sounds like a train wreck...stupid key signature...grrrrrrrrrrr.
Wish me luck! I hope to finish this song by early May(I'm giving myself long time to do this.)

It has snowed a lot here...I haven't been to school for almost a week and a half. It is nice to have off, but I'm sick of seeing snow everywhere!!! We have gotten a couple feet...maybe 3?
Oh well...


Woah!!! Last night/today I have gotten about 2-3 feet of snow!!!!!!:0
I don't live in a particularly cold and snowy area, so THIS IS AMAZING!!!

Being the lazy person that I am, I have sat inside all day playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I've been playing on my old file that I gave up on after failing on the second grim reaper and Xaldin. So, yesterday, i sat down and beat them both!!! Withoutdying orusing King Mickey's help!!!! It's a miricle!!!
So far, I have completed all levels exept for The World That Never Was, Pride Lands, Hollow Bastiens, and Twilight town(I think i'm supposed to go there again, but i'm not sure...this is my first time playing through the game).

Aaaaaah!! I'm addicted!!!!
So, Enjoy these videos!