Hola! I'm harplayer.

I'm 17, a bookworm, a spaz, and...

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!(well you probably figured that out already)I play the

flute, piano, harp, baritone sax, alto sax, soprano sax, and clarinet.

I just wanted a place to talk about many random subjects(and to see if i could

even make a world)

And remember...


Any Question

ONE question.

ONE chance.

ONE honest answer

That's all you get.
Respond even if you're not tagged
You get to ask me ONE question.
Write it to my inbox or comment on this post.

Any question and I have to promise to answer them truthfully.
No catch.

But I dare you to re-post this and see what people ask you...
Bet you won't do it.


Just post a comment and I shall...

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.


I love this song. I wanted to put it on here because this is sort of my little playlist place I listen to when I'm on the computer. I love this song...!!! The song has a Tokio Hotel-like sound, but Kerli's voice and Bill's voice bring out the best in each other's. It's called "Strange", which is on the Alice And Wonderland soundtrack.

well...summer! I am now extremely busy because of camps, family, and being lazy. (I work hard to fit that into my scheduale. )

Average Teen

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Don't ask about the title - i am on a sugar rush!
I'm very happy at the moment. Lately, I really have not liked playing the harp at all. I honestly wanted to quit playing it. But now, all of the sudden, I am feel happy when playing it! I don't despise practicing anymore and practices out of my own free will more than 30 minutes per week! It's a miracle!

So, I'm happy now.
I am playing through final fantasy 10(which is way better than 10-2)and is loving it!!!
Here is the opening song, orchestra version.

It's quite pretty. I am playing it on the piano.

PERISTEROPHOBIA means "fear of pigeons"

Techno remix

Wow...I have not been on here in about a month...
Too much school stuff. ugh...
So anyway, I was bored and found these videos...
They are remixes on songs... I like remixes, especially on classical songs...and techno remixes.
Fur Elise:
And Vivaldi Remix:

Yep, so...