officially graduated / update

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Hey guys! I haven't made an update in a while, so here I am. :^0 I'll try to be fairly quick (mainly because I have to leave the house in an hour, haha;;;)

First off, I had my graduation ceremony last weekend!

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Nice. A true graduated friend. I'm taking grad-level classes at a college close to home in fall and spring, so I'm not actually done yet... but like idk I still have to think about job stuff which is BOTHERSOME but...!!! that's for a different post.

Oh, I also recently learned why all my fan art posts have been doing so poorly on tumblr (which I whined about over here a couple months ago). Apparently tumblr makes posts unsearchable if they have external links in the description (which mine did), so a ton of my stuff has just not been going through tumblr's search engine. People posted about a loophole to the system which I'm doing now, and now my note count has gone back up, which is the way it was before I started putting my store link in the description.

SO!!!! THAT'S GOOD... it's been super frustrating drawing fan art that no one would see because like I said in the other post, I mostly draw fan art for other people rather than myself. :u (OCs are entirely for me tho I don't care as much if my oc stuff doesn't get any notes.)

I just wish I knew about this issue earlier... the last couple months have been frustrating art-wise because I've been focusing on so much fan art for Otakon, so the lack of me drawing my OCs + the low number of notes on any fan art I'd post was just really draining on my art confidence. WHEN OTAKON PREP IS DONE, YOU CAN BET... I'M GOING TO DRAW 1075720802349 DOODLES OF MY OCS.

but yeah that's that. OH! I also got new stickers in the mail yesterday!!
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I haven't posted the art for these to theOtaku yet because I'm trying to come up with something special for my 400th picture (which might just end up being something simple, idk yet).

I'm actually a little disappointed with the stickers... I ordered from this place I've never ordered from before (stickittomestickers) because they were cheap and printed on vinyl, but the biggest issue is that the white parts for some reason didn't print as clean white (ie: no ink) and instead printed with this slightly grainy quality.... :< It's not noticeable from a distance or in these photos, and honestly I don't think anyone will care as long as they don't have anything to compare it to..... BUT!!!! IT'S STILL REALLY FRUSTRATING.... I just don't understand why it was printed like this. I might email the person I ordered these from about the print quality, but I'm also nervous;;; I don't want to seem like I'm complaining because this person runs the whole sticker printing herself so.... idk.

Anyway here's a small pros and cons list for stickittomestickers's stickers:

*very affordable
*vinyl instead of label paper so they're glossier than my old stickers
*longer lasting
*fairly low minimum order quantity (25)

*white spots turned out grainy.....
*colors are a bit dark
*corners of sheets got a little bent in the mail (not a big deal for me because I'm cutting them out)

Anyway, that's that. SIGH. I keep trying to tell myself the grainy thing isn't a big deal, but I just keep thinking... what if it wasn't grainy...................... yeah I'm gonna email about this to see if I can somehow get a reprint, idk.

SO YEP. That's what's goin on over in Akiohville. :^U I feel like all I talk about these days is merch prep, sorry;;; that's basically the only exciting thing going on with me, so... yeah. I guess I've also been playing persona 5, too. Maybe I'll talk a little about my thoughts on the game once I finish! Idk who'd be interested in reading that but whatever why not. xD

THANKS FOR READING, I'll try to post some stuff to my doodle world tonight!!