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Hey, I'm Akioh and I love OCs! Yeah. Also I study linguistics. Idk what to put here. Also I just decided to make the above pic my header here because that's what I'm using everywhere else, haha;;

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Summer Update + Commissions

Hey guys! Happy summer! For me, anyway. B) I've been on break for about a week and a half, now. I'm gonna try to draw more this summer to make up for my lack of activity last semester. ;0;/ But anyway here's some updates and stuff.

1) I've opened COMMISSIONS up for the summer! :^) Even if you can't/don't want to buy anything, it'd really help me out if you reblog the commission post, if you have a tumblr..... I FEEL LIKE I'M BEING ANNOYING, but I really do need exposure. ;u;7 SO YEP, THERE'S THAT... Feel free to PM me if you have questions, btw.

2) I'm working on opening up an online shop on storenvy! I haven't finished setting it up yet, but I expect it to be available sometime this/next week. I'll be selling the extra prints, keychains, and stickers from Animore. ;o

3) I've applied for Anime USA and I'm gonna re-apply to Nekocon later this month. REALLY HOPE... I GET IN... idk what the chances are like, though;;; I'll probably just register for Animore's artist alley again when the time comes. I wish I knew the secrets of how to get into cons................... maybe I just need to make some anime con artist friends so I can booth with them. -u-/;;; I also think I'mma try to apply for Katsucon in June b/c I've gotten over my fear of ~*~AMAZING ARTISTS~*~ and JUST WANT TO SELL MY EXTRA MERCH.... :^| But yeah, there's that.

4) Would anyone be interested in doing a comment spree/slam/whatever thing? I feel like they've been going on every year or so with Aryia's from last year, and my day-long one from two years ago. I thought it might be a fun way to start the summer. :^) If anyone's interested, let me know...!! Also let me know how many days you'd be interested in the comment event lasting. I was thinking for the rest of the month, but idk if that's too long.

But yeah, that's everything as far as updates go. Hope everyone has a good summer! And if you're still in class, GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!! :^)


mood: I want to draw but idk what...

I know posemaniacs is a thing and a good reference site, but I just... don't like working off of their models... idk, it's just the fact that they're not real people and these strange MUSCLE BEINGS that makes me not want to draw from posemaniacs. I know it's important to understand muscle structure, but still. """"orz
I also really wanna practice expressions off of real people's expressions, but idk. REFS. I'm lazy.

Idk where I'm going with this. I mostly just wanted to whine about the fact that I can't find any refs I want to draw, haha. xD Maybe it's just the fact that I feel weird looking up stuff to draw, idk.

BUT YEAH... maybe send me some pose refs or face refs, if you're willing to...? It can be of anyone, maybe like celebrities and people that you like. idk. IDK!!! I just want to practice, and I'm too embarrassed to look up refs. orz (??? I don't get it either, waughlkd)

Okay yeah. Sorry for showing up out of nowhere to post this, haha;;; I'LL GO POST SOME ART IN MY OTHER WORLDS NOW, SINCE I HAVEN'T DONE THAT IN A WHILE. ;u;> I'll also post about animore eventually.

OH! I'll also be chilling at KATSUCON next weekend!! :^D Aw yeh.

Back from Animore!

Mood: Studying hoo hoo...

Heyo! My first artist alley booth was this past weekend! :D I don't have a ton of time right now, but I'll try to post more about it this coming weekend, when I have some free time. >:Y Overall it was a good experience, but a little slower than I expected because of the IMMENSE AMOUNTS OF SNOW THAT CAME THROUGH THE MID-ATLANTIC AREA...

But yeah, more about that later.

On a completely unrelated note... I really hate 90's fashion. "orz I KNOW THIS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE, BUT... This is something I think about when I try to imagine what Gabe, Stefan, and Noland were like in high school. Especially Gabe. I have no idea what kind of EDGY FASHION existed in the 90s except like... grunge, I guess? And that looked like, idk...
External Image
??? Maybe? I was barely alive in the 90s. But I'm not about that greasy looking long hair, yo.
And then everything else I'm finding is like,
External Image
Why do all the dudes look like literal squares. EVERYTHING LOOKS... SO BOXY... AND LARGE. Look at the sleeves on the dude on the far right! WHAT THE HECK, MAN! THE T-SHIRT MIGHT BE TOO BIG FOR YOU IF IT'S REACHING YOUR ELBOWS...

So yeah. I'm just like... idk what Gabe and Stefan would look like in the 90s, these fashion trends are just beyond me. "orz Maybe I just need to do more searching and actual research. -u-/

ANYWAY. Enough about that. Gotta do some homework, yo. ;o


To this.
External Image
Just 'cause I like how it came out, hahaha. THIN LINES...!! I remember in 2013 when I entered college, I was super into thin lines, and was actually pretty good at using them. I wanna get back into that! >:Y But it's difficult, haha;;; For some reason, though, eyes are really hard for me to draw using thin lines. GOTTA PRACTICE, I GUESS...!

I like how the coloring came out for this, though, even though it's so simple. Maybe I'll try to do a nice finished drawing with thin lines and this kind of shading........... eventually.

This is the nicest I've drawn Lafayette's hair. I’m also surprised I drew him not making a crazy face, for once. :Y

Okay, that's all. :^)


Mood: FULL OF FOOD AND IN NEED OF A SHOWER... and also sleepy.

I kept forgetting to mention, but GUESS WHAT! I'm leaving for Japan, tomorrow!!! 8^D I'll be there for the next month, actually, haha. I'll be in Tokyo with my family for the next week, but after that I'll be taking culture classes at ~*~KANAZAWA UNIVERSITY~*~ with about 15 other American students. SHOULD BE EXCITING...!!! I'm happy to be able to practice my Japanese, 'cause I haven't really used it in a whole semester. orz I'M SO OUT OF PRACTICE...!!! I should practice kanji... I always say that, but I never practice reading or writing kanji. -u-/

BUT YEAH! I should still have internet access (on Christmas, too), so I should be able to get my SS drawing up on time! >:U I finished sketching and scanning it today, so I'm gonna work on coloring it on the flight to Japan. *U*b 14 HOURS.... HOORAY.......;;;

OH! One last thing, but my Fire Emblem keychain charms came in the mail this week!!! :^D Here's some pics:
External Image
External Image
They're a little smaller than I thought they were gonna be, but whatevz. I think I'll try doing 2 inch charms, next time! >:Y
I haven't ordered the cellphone straps or anything yet, so I guess that's the next thing to do. Hope these sell okay at Animore! *u*/;;

Okay, that's all. I gotta get ready for bed soon, so... yeah. -v-/