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Hey, I'm Akioh and I love OCs! Yeah. Also I study linguistics. Idk what to put here. Also I just decided to make the above pic my header here because that's what I'm using everywhere else, haha;;

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Artist Alley Table Partner???

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HEY GUYS, So.... I emailed the artist alley coordinator for Anime Fan Fest Baltimore a couple weeks ago and got a reply from him this past Saturday. He sent me the artist alley registration sheet to be signed, so I think I'm basically guaranteed in if I pay for a table. HOWEVER.......

The half-table (what I wanted to get, comes with 1 badge) costs $200; while the full-table (comes with 2 badges and is a bigger table) costs $250, only $50 more. I'm really hoping to find someone to split the table with because that would make the cost a lot easier on me, but I don't really have friends who regularly table at cons on the east coast and stuff. >_< SO... IF YOU'RE INTERESTED OR KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! And ask questions if you have any!
(tbh I'm not happy with the price for this table at all, but I just really need to get into some cons, sell merch, and get my name out there;;;)

In other news, I've been kind of annoyed lately w/ the fact that NO ONE'S REPLYING TO ME!!!!! And I don't mean my friends and stuff, I mean like official things. I emailed anime mid-atlantic about their artist alley a couple weeks ago (which is what their website says to do), but NO ONE HAS RESPONDED YET!!! Even Anime Fan Fest took like a week to get back to me...
I also tried to join the FB group Artist Alley Network International to meet more artist alley people, but they haven't responded to my request to join that I also sent a couple weeks ago.... I even FB messaged two of the admins (one on Saturday and one about a day and a half ago), and NEITHER OF THEM RESPONDED.... One of them even posted something to their FB after I had messaged them, so THEY MUST HAVE BEEN ONLINE... BUT FOR SOME REASON DIDN'T RESPOND TO MY MESSAGE???? ALSHGALG yeah.

It might just be that I'm impatient... Since I graduated and am basically home all day since I can't drive/don't have a car/don't have a job, the days feel suuuuper long. "orz I feel like January's been going on forever, but we're barely over the halfway point.

LUCKILY!!!! I might be getting a temporary part-time job!!! The interview is today at 2:00 PM over skype, so I'M GONNA DO MY BEST!!!! ;-;7 I've never had a job of any sort before (other than commissions and cons), so this is really big for me haha;;; even though the job only lasts till mid-April.

SO YEAH. That's the news with me... I'm still hoping to get into more cons this year. I've applied to Otakon and Anime NEXT, but those are big cons so it's pretty doubtful I'll get in. I'll apply to Anime USA and Nekocon later in the year and hopefully get into at least one of those;;; HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A GOOD 2017!!! :)

New Icon + Store + Update

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Heyo, I made a new icon for myself! Here's the original image:

External Image

I don't think I've ever had an icon of Gabe before, which kind of surprises me... anyway, here he is now. :^) I went with a kind of winter-y theme because it's COLD and snowed the other day. x0x/

Other than that,
I finally opened up my store!!! You can check it out here:

Everything's set to preorder right now because my shipping supplies haven't actually arrived yet... it's gonna arrive either this or next week. >:U NICE.

Anyway, I'm gonna work on making more products this year, too. I'm thinking of doing Yuri!!! On Ice, Fire Emblem: Fates, and Mob Psycho 100 merch. *-*/ SO YEAH, I guess... if you're interested, be on the look out for that haha. I'm gonna try to apply to some more cons, too. I emailed about Anime Mid Atlantic and Anime Fan Fest Baltimore, but I haven't gotten any replies yet. Dx HOPEFULLY SOON....

Also, I didn't get into the JET program. ;-;/ ALAS... I'll be looking for a part time job for the spring and summer instead, and then apply to grad school or something. Idk what the plan is. "orz TBH I'm not that disappointed bc going to Japan by myself seems really scary. SO! WHATEVZ.

But yeah, that's what's going on over here. We'll see how things go from here, haha;;; Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day! >:o ♥

Update + Graduation + Art Stuff

Hey guys, merry Christmas and happy first day of Hanukkah! I haven't given a life update in a while so here's what's been going on with me. ;o

First of all, I finished my undergrad degree! I don't actually graduate until May, but I'm done with classes. >:U In terms of prospective (?) jobs and stuff, I've applied to JET. I'll hear back in January, hopefully I get in;;; If I don't, I guess I'm taking a gap year before grad school. -u-/

Second, I've opened commissions up again!! You can find all my commission info here if you're interested. ;o I'm also working on opening up my online shop! I still need to take inventory and figure out shipping prices, but it'll be set up soon~ *u*/

Other than that, I'm considering applying to the Animore artist alley again... the only issues are money and the fact that the con is so small. IF ANYONE WOULD WANT TO BOOTH WITH ME.... PLS LET ME KNOW;;;; I'm thinking I probably won't sign up unless I can find someone to split the cost with me. Dx But idk, do you think I should sign up?? I could probably get some commissions in if I went... idk........

Also I'm thinking of applying to a zine...!!! This one to be exact. I'm kind of nervous about applying b/c even though I've sold prints and stuff before the quality of my finished art (especially BACKGROUNDS) isn't really as good as I'd like it to be;;; And coming up with compositions is just hard for me. PLUS I'VE NEVER PARTICIPATED IN A ZINE??? Idk what it's about.
BUT!!! I'M ACTUALLY REALLY FEELING LIKE I WANT TO APPLY... I like the pairing a fair amount and there's no harm in just applying, so I might go for it... idk what I'm doing haha;;;

ANYWAY... That's about it that's going on with me. Now that I'm not in school, I finally have more time to draw. Hopefully I get some stuff done and end up being more productive!! Maybe I'll even work on drawing comics... I'd love to actually do some oneshots and ongoing stuff with my characters. I mean I've had my OCs for years but never actually do comics with them;;; MAYBE SOMETIME SOON!!! ;U;/

But yeah, there's that. Hope you guys have a happy holiday season, and happy new year to y'all!! :,D

Character Weebly Page!

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Heyo! I've probably mentioned here and there that I have a weebly page for my characters and stories. It's not as extensive in terms of information as my Various Planning world, but it's much more organized! I just recently updated it a little more, so I thought I'd make an official (?) post linking to it.


YEP, there's that. There's still a couple of holes that I need to fill in terms of character profiles and stuff, but for the most part this should act as a good summary of my OCs and stories. So if you're every curious or confused about them, go and check that out! :^D

Idk what else to say. This is irrelevant, but I'M GOING TO GRADUATE SOON!!! THAT'S.... CRAZY WEIRD IMO...... I just finished my last day of classes yesterday whaughghgh;;; AFTER FINALS I'M DONE WITH MY UNDERGRAD DEGREE! *______*;;;;;;;;;

Secret Santa 2016 Wishlist

WOO HOO it's Secret Santa time!!! Toyotami kun and Kaerlyn are hosting the 2016 Fan Art Secret Santa and YOU SHOULD GO JOIN!! It'll be lots o' fun. :^D

Anyway, here's my wishlist for my secret santa. The rest of this post will be directed to my Santa~ :^D

Most of my requests will be pairs, but if you'd rather do a drawing of a single person that's fine too!! ;o

1. Original Characters
Okay, so my OCs are like... my favorite.... I'd be super happy if you drew them! *u*/ Here's who my favorites are:

  • Stefan and Gabe (you can see how they interact here)
  • Lafayette and Dmitri (not romantic, but they're really close. You can see how they interact here)
  • Lafayette and Dmitri, 1920's version (The links are different than the previous ones. More about them here)
  • Noland and Prue (technically not dating, but idk they hold hands and stuff)

Individual Characters:

You can draw my characters in whatever outfits you want! :^Y You can even design your own outfit for them if you want to. It's all cool yo. And if none of those characters appeal to you, you can always look through my sloppy weebly page for something that might interest you.

2. Mob Psycho 100
I RECENTLY GOT INTO MOB PSYCHO 100!!! I really like it!! I feel like I haven't been this into an anime in a while.*-* Here's my favorite characters and pairs:
Individual Characters:


  • Mob and Reigen (Not romantic, more like a student/teacher or father/son relationship)
  • Ekurei (Dimple/Ekubo and Reigen) (I can't find any good refs, but Dimple's "security guard" version (on the far right here) is more ~aesthetically appealing~ if you wanna go for that. tbh I think his blob self is fun too tho hahaha.)
  • Terumob (Mob and Teruki)

3. Ping Pong: The Animation
Ping Pongggg is a gr8 anime. B) SO UH, refs for this one are going to be in a pretty atypical artstyle (even compared to MP100)...... but I love this anime so much it's really good. ;-;7 My favorite characters are:

  • Smile
  • Peco (idk why his profile is so short, he's the other main character.....)

If you want to draw them both together that'd be GREAT! But either of them individually is awesome too.

4. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
I think all the characters in this anime are cute, but here's my favorites!
Individual Characters:


5. Super Smash Bros
Lastly, my old SSB favs are always an option. ;u;/

  • Roy (Melee outfit / SSB4 Outfit)
  • Marth (Brawl outfit / SSB4 Outfit)

    You can draw them individually or together! You can also make up outfits for them too if you don't wanna draw their armor and stuff, haha.

    ANYWAY, that's what I've got... Hope you find something you want to draw! ;0;/ Thanks so much and have a happy holiday!!