Hey all!! Welcome to my contest world~ :D I'll be having a drawing contest here every so often, so yay. I do my judging using points. You get points for doing well in various catagories. The person w/ the most points will win my contest. There is also a 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place spot.

Rules for this world:

  • Be polite. >:[
  • You can comment on the entries in this world if you REALLY want to
  • Don't make fun of people/art
  • Ask questions, if you're confused
  • Please keep your entries G/PG rated. :3 I am a G/PG rated person, so I want my world to be the same. >:[

...And that's pretty much it! x]

The contest theme this time is:
Draw an OC based on a playing card! :D What do I mean by that, you ask? Draw "the queen of hearts" or "the 10 of diamonds", anything in a 52 card deck, including the joker, in human form. (There are some restrictions for the joker, though. I don't want to see any batman jokers. ._.;;) Make sure the colors relate to the actual card. (Hearts and diamonds = red. Spades and Clovers = black.) You can draw one of your existing OCs, or just randomly draw a character. It's up to you! ^_^
I'll be grading your picture based on these catagories for this contest:
Artistic Ability [Up to 50 Points] *this is the most important catagory, and is a catagory in every contest
Pose you came up with for the Playing Card [Up to 20 points]
Outfit you came up with for the Playing Card [Up to 20 points]
Creativity [Up to 10 points]

The Deadline is March 20th, 2009. There will be a time extention if needed. extended to April 25th, 2009.

First prize: Fullbody colored pic of your Playing Card OC (choice of CG or Traditional coloring)
Second prize: Halfbody colored pic of your Playing Card OC (choice of CG or Traditional coloring)
Third Prize: Fullbody lineart of your Playing Card OC (choice of CG or Traditonal inking)
Fourth Prize: Halfbody linart of your Playing Card OC (choice of CG or Traditional inking)

How to put up your entry
In order for me to put your entry for the contest up, I'll need you to PM me the pic, or the link to it on theO. There will be no guest posters in this world, cos I see no need for that. xD So just PM me your entries when you're ready. ^-^
I will also PM contestants that havent entered their pics 2 weeks before the deadline to remind them to get their entries in. ;3

-Zero Guardian
-Wakusei Aoshi
-Imouto Chan
-maji de
-Hatake Yoshimi
-Silver Phoenix

Contestants w/ a heart next to their name have submitted their entry. :3
[Click on contestants w/ links to see their entry]

one week. :d

One more week, guys. I can extend the deadline to april 25th (my birthday!) if anyone needs me to. ^_^
Get in yer entries!! >3<


2 WEEKS LEFT, GUYS. Please work on your entries... ;3;

7 of Clovers by NarutoKHFighter

External Image
Here's NarutoKHFighter's entry!!! 8D

7 of Spades by MeiTsukiHana

External Image
Here's MeiTsukiHana's Entry! :D

Queen of Hearts by Zero Guardian

External Image
Here's zero guardian's entry!