Bath scrub

So, today I stumbled across this recipe for a bath scrub. Normally, I would have ignored it. However, I decided to try this one. I must say, I am pleased. While most at-home bath scrubs either take way too long or are too expensive, this only took me about five minutes and only consists of ingredients that you most likely have already at home. The recipe for this bath scrub is right here.

However, I did not follow the recipe 100%. Instead of peppermint extract, I used almond extract. As well as this, I also added a bit of milk and a body scrub that my little sister had bought for me last Christmas. The oil that I used was an extra virgin olive oil. I would suggest not using the given amounts because it left my skin slightly oily, so I will have to scrub the oil off. Another thing: if you choose to soak in the bath you after using the body scrub, be prepared to have to clean the coffee grounds from the tub.

I do recommend this body scrub. One of the positive things is that, if you decide to use it on your face, you don't have to worry about having a bad taste in your mouth if you accidentally lick your lip. It is toddler safe, and actually tastes very sweet. Enjoy~