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My info~


Doesn't matter xD




I'm not a toddler or an old geezer, so that's all that matters.

INTERESTS (guys, girls, etc)

Boys, boys, boys!!


who needs boys when you have chocolate


Naruto, Soul Eater, Angel Beats!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, D. Grayman, Bleach, Shugo Chara, Negima, Hikaru no Go, SAO (Sword Art Online,) Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Fairy Tail, Kore wa Zombie Desuka


Vampire Kisses Series, Vladmir Todd Series, Gallagher Girl Series

The love of a Cannibal(Based off of: Sherlock from the BBC channel), The Akatsuki Story (Based off of Naruto),Murderous Love (based off of the creepypasta character Jeff the Killer)

This is my world. This is my world. If you don't like it, or you don't like what i post here, then.....too bad. I don't ever mean to harm anybody, but....it happens sometimes. I apologize.


11 Years Since Joining?!


Man, it's always nice to stumble on this server and reminisce on old times.

Joining this server back in 2011 opened my world so much. Nothing has been the same since.

One thing I would like to say is that so many of you, whether you guys see this or not, played such an important role in my life. I don't even know where to begin with that. Thank you all. Each and every one of you.

Just a small life update: I am in my last semester of college, getting my BA in Language and Linguistics. My goal is to leave the USA and teach English in other countries. Other than that, I've just been working and living a simple life.

I hope that everyone here is doing well, and that you all are taking care of yourselves ♥

-With love,

Moka ♥


I can't believe how long it's been, guys.

To make it quick, i'm 22 years old now and finishing up my BA in Language and Linguistics this year. My plan is to go teach wherever i'd like/can get a job once things cool down. I've been under quarantine since approximately mid-march, as I live in the Los Angeles area. There are about 15 cases within 10 miles of me but they're all under quarantine.

I really hope everyone is doing well here and if anybody would like to reach out to me, you can find me here or on our Discord server


Wow. I've really stopped going on here, huh? IM SORRY GUYS jklhkjhkjhkj

ANYWAYS, here's another update lolol

So i'm in my second semester of college. I decided to major in dietetics, meaning that i want to become a registered dietician and give nutritional advice to people. The prerequisite courses are making me want to die, tbh.

As for relationships, i've been with my boyfriend Darren for almost 10 months now. He's a good guy, and i really do love him.

If you guys want to keep in touch, follow me on Instagram @berrykeri , or add me on Facebook at Keri Vanderpoorten. I'd say try PMing me here, but i only check this plae like once every 6 months now.

Love you guys!

How I Have Been Doing

Hey, guys!

So, for all of you whom I don't speak to on a regular basis (everybody lmao), this is a small update on my life.

In May, I graduated high school. I'm starting at a junior college in about two weeks or so. I don't know what my major will be yet, so i'm Undecided. (I'm taking Japanese hehehe)

I broke up with my ex Steven in...March? Something like that. In June, I started talking to this other guy Darren, and we've been dating for almost two months now. He's a really good guy, I feel lucky to have him.

Other than that, there isn't really anything new to report. I've been working quite a bit at my job.

I hope to hear from one or two of you guys!!


Bongcheon-dong Ghost Story (Scary Korean ghost story)

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