This World shall house The Holy Word of Moe.

Kaoru and Hikaru- A moe story

When the man had moe relations with his wife Mikuru and she bore him a son, Kaoru and somehow his twin brother that was born at a later time, Hikaru. Kaoru attended to the Sasuke and Gaara Fangirls, while Hikaru attended to the antrophomorphic cat...

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The Story of Moe-ah

And in those days, it came to pass that the people began to turn against Shiggy Lemons and do various fail-ish things. They turned to the Lord of the Fails and did the bidding of he and his minions, such as Sasuke Uchiha and Kagome. They forsook t...

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Moenesis 1

In the beginning, when Shiggy Lemons created the Land of Moe, the land was a formless vacuum, devoid of glasses characters and maid outfits, and the Lord Shiggy Lemons swept the Wind of Moe upon the land. Then the Lord of Moe said, "Let the...

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