Okay since no one's on, we only have 5 people in this club (4 people+Michael), and Cate and I need time doing the flashbacks, I guess I will do something that no MJ Fan has ever done before! I will write a short story using all of Michael Jackson's song titles from his album Off The Wall to Invincable. Here goes nothing!

Dear Michael,

I know this might sound Bad, but once we start to Rock With You, I Can't Help It if I stare at your picture all day long.

You're a Heart Breaker when it comes to girls, especially your fangirls. Did you remember when Dirty Diana and the Liberian Girl got p****ed when you started dating Bille Jean? I know they are all your P.Y.T's, but everyone wants to be your GirlFriend nowadays.

You've been Working Day and Night on your This Is It tour. Many people adviced you to Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. But then, tragedy struck. I Remembered The Time when this problem started. I was waiting for my brother to get out of the last day of school. He wanted to play with his D.S. when we would go to the car. No one knew it in the school, but at this moment, you passed on.

The next day, while my mom was paying for gas, the shop owner told her that you died. At first, I was confused and uncaring because I never knew much about you and you were a Thriller to me. But that's just Human Nature. Once I read everything about you, I had a new obession for you. Turns out that you died with painkillers like Morphine or that Propfal thing... Well Whatever Happens happened, I guess. I asked many questions; Who are you? Who is he? Who Is It?. I was Off The Wall.

~Will Continue Later~