The Story So Far...

  • Michael, as a ghost, wants to help the world by first going to make his city into a better place.
  • Jess of the Sand from the anime Naruto has a dream that in the music video, "Leave me alone", Giant Michael comes to her and tells her to find Sotaru and go to his city. Jess wakes up in an alleyway.
  • Sotaru Nekozawa from Ouran HighSchool Host Club has a dream where the mad parents who think Michael's a pedophile come and try to kill him while singing Beat It.
  • Thinking that Michael is tormenting him, Sotaru asks his cousin to do a seance. When he went to sleep, Michael begs him to wake up in the bar.
  • After meeting the kids, Jess realizes that most of them are going into drugs by an evil master mind.
  • After a bad attempt to find out who Kitt Ross is and who she was working for, Michael and the whole anime gang were at his Ghosts mansion.
  • Sotaru went to investigate where Kitt went, so he left to find the hideout.
  • Knowing that Michael's birthday is coming soon, Jess asks Mentaru to stay behind while she and Roko distract Michael by going for a walk.
  • While Jess and Roko were walking, Michael heard a woman named Annie scream in the abandoned pub where Jess met Sotaru in.
  • Michael leads both girls to the front door of the pub named "Club 30's" and a flash of lights changes Michael's outfit.
  • The scene is now 1930 in a busy bar with gangsters, women, and criminals. Michael steps inside.
  • Jess asks Roko to stay behind while she checks out what's going on.
  • What followed was a renactment to the music video "Smooth Criminal" except that Jess is singing with Michael Jackson and that Michael is a ghost in this one.
  • Once Michael sang the name "Annie" a man with white clothing shot a gun and is now threatning to kill the bad peoplez! XD
  • Meanwhile Mentaru met a kitty and was taken to Club 30's when something knocked her out.

Will continue later...
And that's the story plot. Please continue and please join this club.^^