Did I scare you?

~Jess' POV~

"Michael, you get dressed while I'll turn into a panther and distract her." I said as I transformed into a black panther and walked into the guest room. A brown haired girl with a cigarette was walking towards me. I could tell that she likes cats.

"Hello there..." the girl petted my fur. I took out the cigarette from her mouth and I spat it out. Suddenly, the grim reaper appeared out from nowhere! I was scared out of my wits and so was the whole club that just came in here. But then the reaper took off his mask and it was Michael!

~Michael's POV~

"Did I scare you?" I asked smiling. Everyone in the club said yes. Jess said "Meow". Kitt shook her head.

"Pedophile, quit goofing off and go back to the circus..." Kitt sneered. I frowned.

"There's no need to be rude..." I pointed to her.

"Yeah, it-it isn't nice to be rude...so we should go now..." Roko stuttered. I magically locked up all the doors so the whole club and Kitt will be stuck inside this house. Jess walked up to me and sat next to my legs. I knew how to trap Kitt and how to scare her so she can tell us what is Lenny planning.

"Let's play a game, shall we? The first one who gets scared has to tell any secrets and leave... okay?" I fake-smiled at that Ross girl...

Someone please continue...