Found you

I walked behind Sotaru. So someone else was here too...We walked for a bit and then ran into a...Cat..."Meow." It was a black and white cat. I wrinkled my nose. "Uh...You smell like garbage..." I muttered. "What!" Sotaru looked at me. "N-no! Not you...The cat.." I blushed.

"Hello? Is anyone even here?" I looked to see a girl coming around the corner with a jacket that kinda looked liked Michael's jacket he wore for thriller....

"So your the other person Michael told us about right?" Sotaru said. "I guess....My names Mentaru. Who are you?" She asked. "I-I'm Roko..." "Sotaru...Jess should have been back by now...May be...." "Do you think we should look for her?" I asked. He nodded and we started off.

Sorry for such a pointless post -_-'