Sotaru's POV

I was left behind with Roko while Michael took Jess to who knows where... "I think there's another person within the city, we'd better get going and find them before someone else does," I said and then we both walked off.

Kitt's POV

"You better come out right now and surrender or I'm going to have to cause your friends a lot more pain than need be!" I warned them.

Lenny and Andrew were already in the city, but god only knows where they are cause I sure don't. I mean seriously, it's like I have to do all the work while they go out having a fun time killing people without me. "They'd better get those kids in the city before I lose it."

I pulled out a cigarette to smoke before I stormed inside so I could think. "Hm..." I looked over to one of my cats and called them, "Nobody."

A black and white cat came over to me and meowed, rubbing against my legs and wanting to be picked up. I bent down and stroked her head and back, "I need you to find Lenny and Andrew and make sure they complete their mission is complete. When you come back to me, I'll be finished here."

And with another "meow" she ran off to find them. "Now... for my business here." I kicked down the door...

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