Join please

If you want to join, comment or PM me please, for Michael's sake.

Age when Michael died:
What anime are you from:
Clothing(Similar to Michael's):
Favorite Michael Jackson Song:
What influence did Michael give you:
Have you met Michael before you died:

In this case, I'm using my character Jess to be here.

Name: Jess of the Sand
Age: 13
Anime: Naruto
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Red suit, red pants, black shirt, red hat, white shoes, and a red tie
Song: Billie Jean
Influence: Taught me never to be afraid, also taught me to dance and sing
Have you met Michael: Yes when I was nine. I was knocked out and was shipwrecked until I came to America and Michael took me in for a month. He played with me and teached me many things and finally he took me back to Japan so I could be with Taro. The only thing I don't understand is how he does his dance moves.