A world dedicated to the King of Pop.

Rest in Peace

I had an idea to make a club where OC's can live in the city where Michael was in his Movie called Moon walker. For information about the movie, click on this link:


So you can either create an OC or use one from another anime. But there is only one rule you should follow if you are going to do that. Your OC should have at least some influence from Michael. So please have fun in Michael Jackson's city. God bless him.

People in the Club~
King of Pop: Michael Jackson



Have fun... and we need new members...-_-'


Jess thought that the main villain should have at least two evil sidekicks to assist him. Due to the fact there's three members (But Michael's involved too, don't forget that), there's going to be at least two minions to help out Lenny. And beside...

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Mentaru~Our New member

Name: Mentaru
Age when Michael died: 12
What anime are you from: none
Gender: female
Hair: short brown hair
Eyes: grey/blueish
Clothing(Similar to Michael's): likes to wear a knockoff of the thriller jacket, white tank top, black pants
Favorite Michael Jackson Song: Thriller
What influence did Michael give you: taught me how to dance
Have you met Michael before you died: yes, I had gone to his Wonderland once, but I had to disguise myself as a boy to get in.


Thank you for joining. In order to first post here, your character should have a dream where they are in their favorite song and that's when Michael comes to tell you to wake up in his city. If you have questions, please contact me or DeidaraNarutoClan. Thank you!


His own website!

I found out that Michael has his own website. Here's the link:

The Official Michael Jackson Website!


Meeting up

I shifted my weight uneasy. I don't like having no one around. I usually have my older brother and sister with me. And mother and father. Why did Michael bring me here? May be I could track someone...Thats it....

I turned into a wolf and started to sniff around for any sent. I had only been tracking for a few moments when I heard foot steps coming. I looked to see 2 people coming. Are they good?

I shook my head. First rule if you want to surviving with humans. Don't trust them until you know who they are and if there good. If not then you kill them as soon as posible.*mumbles to her self the possible reasons*

I jerked back to reality. And looked up to see they were starring at me. Come on! Rule number one! I crouched down and started to growl at them.

I never had the fight in me like my brother or sister. I started to back away when something stopped me I turned around and nothing was there. "Come on Roko...Friends..." I heard him say. I looked back at them unsure. "Do you doubt me?" "No! Why would I doubt you! You helped me once. I trust you...." I said then blush realizing that I could only hear him right now.

I looked back at them and felt Michael nudge me to them. I turned back into my human form. "M-my names Roko...." I muttered.

Do we know if anyone else is going ta join? o_O I'm not complaining but its kinda hard to have a club wit 3(OMG! Sorry!) 4 people.(Unless you count the "bad guys"...)


"Sotaru... Jessica..." A familiar voice filled the air. I jumped into Sotaru's arms in fear.

"Jess, it's just Michael..." Sotaru said calmly. I quckly got off of Sotaru and blushed. I know it was Michael, but it's still new to me that he's dead.

"Michael, thank you for the magical puns!" I said in a funny, humor voice. He laughed.

"That's not the only thing I could do... I'm just letting you know that you can have your black magic and chakra back, and that one of you can transform into anything when there is a shooting star."

"Like that cool sports car you turned into before?" I asked happily.

"Yes, just like that. Also, my friend Roko is here and you better go find her." Michael reminded us.

"Wait, before you go, how are you here if we didn't summon you yet?" Sotaru asked. Michael laughed again.

"Silly Sotaru! In my city, I'm alive and immortal. Beside I'm a spirit with my own free will." Then Michael was gone. I smiled.

"C'mon Sotaru, let's go find this Roko girl!" I happily yelled as I leaded the way.