A world dedicated to the King of Pop.

Rest in Peace

I had an idea to make a club where OC's can live in the city where Michael was in his Movie called Moon walker. For information about the movie, click on this link:


So you can either create an OC or use one from another anime. But there is only one rule you should follow if you are going to do that. Your OC should have at least some influence from Michael. So please have fun in Michael Jackson's city. God bless him.

People in the Club~
King of Pop: Michael Jackson



Have fun... and we need new members...-_-'

Sotaru Profile

Name: Sotaru Nekozawa

Age when Michael died: 17

What anime are you from: Ouran High School Host Club (In the Black Magic Club)

Gender: Male

Hair: Blonde (wears black wig)

Eyes: Blue (uses red contacts)

Clothing: Black shirt, white jacket, red glove; right hand, black pants

Favorite Song: Thriller

Influence: Realized that appearance isn't everything to a person

Have you met Michael: Visited Neverland Ranch once after requesting that his family take him there. He knows what happened in Neverland Ranch but doesn't say because he feels his opinion wouldn't matter to anyone because the media would twist his words.

Come on and join people ^^

Join please

If you want to join, comment or PM me please, for Michael's sake.

Age when Michael died:
What anime are you from:
Clothing(Similar to Michael's):
Favorite Michael Jackson Song:
What influence did Michael give you:
Have you met Michael before you died:

In this case, I'm using my character Jess to be here.

Name: Jess of the Sand
Age: 13
Anime: Naruto
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Red suit, red pants, black shirt, red hat, white shoes, and a red tie
Song: Billie Jean
Influence: Taught me never to be afraid, also taught me to dance and sing
Have you met Michael: Yes when I was nine. I was knocked out and was shipwrecked until I came to America and Michael took me in for a month. He played with me and teached me many things and finally he took me back to Japan so I could be with Taro. The only thing I don't understand is how he does his dance moves.