A world dedicated to the King of Pop.

Rest in Peace

I had an idea to make a club where OC's can live in the city where Michael was in his Movie called Moon walker. For information about the movie, click on this link:


So you can either create an OC or use one from another anime. But there is only one rule you should follow if you are going to do that. Your OC should have at least some influence from Michael. So please have fun in Michael Jackson's city. God bless him.

People in the Club~
King of Pop: Michael Jackson



Have fun... and we need new members...-_-'


"Michael Jackson. He has magic and he told me to meet you and somehow he sent us into his city with his magic..." I answered. Sotaru didn't answer.

"..so Michael sent us here... for what reason?" Sotaru said.

"You had a dream from Michael? Then we could tell each other what we saw, then we can figure it out." I thought about and then looked at him, "But if we're gonna talk, we need a new wardrobe. Something that's your personality but similiar to Michael's style." I garbbed his hand and dragged him to the clothing store.

Someone PLEASE!!!!!!! join here please....



After I got up from the stairs, I started looking around and exploring. It was pretty dark and I liked it. Then afterwards, I walked down the stairs. It turns out that I was in a bar odd enough.

I felt something in my jacket and pulled out my Belzenef plushie... it was put into my jacket pocket. I shrugged and held onto it but then the door opened and I hid behind the door as the person entered.

It was a little girl with purple hair. I blinked and the girl turned to face me. It was a bit akward and quiet. She looked me over and then looked up at me. "Hi..." I said.

"Hi..." she replied, "Are you Sotaru?"

"Yes... why?" I asked.

She turned around and started mumbling something to herself and I looked at her oddly. "Um... excuse me? How do you know my name? And how did we get here anyway?" I asked.


I looked around the alley. It seemed as if I was the only one there. I got up and went to an empty clothing shop where I got Michael's "Smooth Criminal" outfit but with red and black color scheme.

"Now this is more my style!" I'll exclaimed and I heard a noise. I turned around to find a 13 year old girl with red hair and a teddy bear.

"Are you Katie?" I asked, thinking about the first time Michael had told me about his city. The girl nodded.

"You must be one of Michael's friends. Thank goodness!" Katie smiled, "So you came here to help us from getting drugs, right?"

"I dunno... Michael told me to come here but I don't know the reason..." I answered. Katie then became sad and she went away. I felt glum but continued looking around. It was almost the same city I remembered except that there was more bad guys with guns than I expected... I ran far away from them into an abandoned pub.

'I sence chakra... no wait, is it magic?' I questioned to myself, 'Whoever or whatever it is, it is dark and mystical. Their favorite song is either Scream or Thriller...'

Then I found myself face to face with a black haired, red eyed boy.



For Sotaru his song that was chosen was Beat It. And the reason?... Well, you'll read it soon... And it's besides the fact I like the song...

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I struggled in my sleep. It was the same dream that I had that night at Neverland Ranch... I had visions of the place... it was the ranch that he held so dearly and cherished it what seemed to be the most. I tried cutting some of the dream off but it was no use. I had the nightmare of the parents from the children who had been there with weapons and anything else you could ever imagine. They kept chanting the lyrics "Beat It" over and over what seemed to be to the mansion and to the person who owned it. The memories kept flipping over and over as the lyrics seemed to keep pounding and pounding against my skull.

I woke up in my big room. The black curtains still covered my bed and I looked around for my nightstand. I quickly grabbed my red eye contacts, putting them in, and black wig to cover my blonde hair. My Belzenef doll was resting next to the phone and then I thought... "Time to call cousin Umehito."


It may have been the middle of the night, but my cousin rushed over, wearing his cloak and carrying Belzenef like usual. "So what's the trouble cousin?" he asked in a sinister voice.

"Memory recall... Michael is haunting me with his memories..." I replied.

"Ever since he died...?"

"Yes... it's as if he's trying to tell me something..."

Once I told him that he smirked. "Looks like it's time for a séance."

---After Everything was set up---

"It's time to contact the spirits of the afterlife" Umehito said.

Both of us hummed and he called the spirit. "The spirit of Michael Jackson... if you are here, let us know you are..."

I suddenly heard something move and I looked around, finding my plushie that was on my nightstand was right beside me. "He is here..." I said.

Umehito kept going. "Give us a sign of what you want to tell us..."

After my cousin said that, I got poked. I turned around and I thought I heard the words "City" and "Meet." "Umehito, did you just hear that?" I asked.

"You heard something from the spirit?" he asked.

"I heard the words "City" and "Meet""

"No specifics though?"


"Hmm..." he thought and then got up to leave, "He's not threatening you it appears... I'll visit in the morning if anything else occurs." After that, I was completely alone.

Sotaru... Sotaru... I kept hearing as I slept Wake up in the city my old friend... Wake up in my city

My eyes flew open on those words and I looked around to find I was laying on some stairs. I looked around. "Oh crud, did I fall asleep with my wig and contacts on?"

I checked and I did, but the good news was the contacts managed to come out and be put back in and my hair wasn't affected by the wig. After that, I looked back around. I was in a city. "Michael's city..."

A Dream

I'm just going to get the story started first then I'll ask more people to join. When you join, you start out having a dream where you are in one of Michael Jackson's music videos. There Michael (the ghost/angel/etc.) would talk to you and he would tell you your job in his city. You can pick any song but I can't have the same dream song twice. Jess'/This part is similar to the Music video called "Leave me Alone".


I was asleep and I had a dream. I was in a carnival. It looked very normal... except that everything around it was all Michael Jackson's life. There were headlines like "Child Molester" and "Frozen for 50 years" and so on. And mostly it was about his death. I was scared at first but then a big voice stopped my thinking.

"Jessica, don't worry. It's just a dream." I knew that feminine voice from anywhere. It was Michael! I was crying with joy.

"Michael, where are you?" I yelled. He laughed in his big voice.

"You mean what am I? I'm dead and in this dream, I'm the amusement park." I looked up. It was weird at first. Here I was seeing Michael very gigantic and tied up with ropes and rollercaster and rides. I was standing on his fingernail.

"Are you okay?" I asked and I looked as camaras and papparazzi was everywhere.

"Yeah, but even when I died these people won't leave me alone..." The King of Pop sighed and he tensed up a bit, "Jess, please go somewhere where it's safe. I'm going to get out of this." I ran towards high ground and it looked as if Michael was in something like Gulliver's Travels. He got up, tearing down everything around him and stood up, smiling. To me, he was bigger than my sensei.

"So this is a dream... But how come you're big?" I scratched my head. Michael came towards me.

"When you're the King of Pop, you are big to the world." He chuckled, then acted serious, "Here's what's going on... I'm a ghost."

"I thought ghosts don't exsist..."

"Jess, you are looking at one right now... But remember that city I used to protect the children from?" I nodded.

"Well, I want you and a boy named Sotaru to take my place as protecters of my city. It's in America so you might leave your home for a while. You will have all my clothing and dancing moves... except the moonwalk." Michael added, I groaned, "Do you think you can do that for me?"

"Yeah... But before you go," I took out a picture of Michael in his Billie Jean outfit, "I drew this for you after you died." Michael took the piece of paper with his fingers and the paper magically grew to his size so he can see. He smiled brightly.

"Thank you. It looks nice." I was crying.

"I'm going to miss you Michael." He hugged me gently as if I was a small teddy bear.

"Shh, it's okay. Don't cry. I'll always be there." He answered. Then I woke up in an ally of his city.

Please continue