A world dedicated to the King of Pop.

Rest in Peace

I had an idea to make a club where OC's can live in the city where Michael was in his Movie called Moon walker. For information about the movie, click on this link:


So you can either create an OC or use one from another anime. But there is only one rule you should follow if you are going to do that. Your OC should have at least some influence from Michael. So please have fun in Michael Jackson's city. God bless him.

People in the Club~
King of Pop: Michael Jackson



Have fun... and we need new members...-_-'

Neverland Plan

"Yeah... and he's the reason I'm alive today..." I said, "When he took me in, I had poison in my body and he took the risk from the media to take me to the hospital. Before I met him, my movements were rash and I was shy and crying all the time. He taught me not to be shy but also think before I act. he did so much for me that when he took me back to Japan, he was in crutches and it was two months after the jury declared him innocent for the 2005 trail case. If he wasn't there to heal and teach me, I would've died at the age of nine..." I said darkly, but then smiled, "No matter. Now all we have to do is look around the city and do some research."

"Okay.^^" Sotaru gave a small smile and we got out and explored.

"So you're into voodoo dolls too?" I asked. Sotaru nodded, "Awesome! I have a good collection at home." I then had a great idea.

"I know what to do in order to save Neverland...." I said. Sotaru raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever your plan is, I'm interested..." Sotaru looked at me.

"Here's the plan," I put out a blue print and draw, "First we contact a random spirit, then convince them to possess a leader of the mob or one of the medias. The spirit would then stop the madness and Neverland and the tigers will be saved!" I smiled, "What do you think?"


Roko's Profile (littlepooch)

Name: Roko

Age when Michael died: 15

What anime are you from: Wolf Rain

Gender: female

Hair: long light brown

Eyes: yellow

Clothing(Similar to Michael's): black pants, red tank top with black sequenced jacket

Favorite Michael Jackson Song: Billy Jean(sorry I don't know many songs by him ^^')

What influence did Michael give you: He taught me to believe in myself, to express my self.

Have you met Michael before you died: Yes. My family travailed a lot and I got lost from my pack and he helped me find my way back.


Thank you so much for joining!!! I feel so happy!



I'm putting this in the MJ category People need to join!!!

I waited outside the changing room that Jess was in and looking through some of the clothing in there. "So that's the dream... Sounds like it would fit Michael very well." I said to her after I picked up some clothes and went into another changing room.

"And yours sounded like something from out of Frankenstein..." she said.

"It honestly did too in my point of view..." I replied as I slipped some of the clothes on, "How'd you meet Michael?" I had to ask.

"I was shipwrecked and he took me in for a while... he was very nice to me like to the other kids and then he took me back to Japan later on after I started to miss someone," she replied, sounding a little sad but then tried to change her tone of voice and tried sounding happy, "How'd you meet Michael?"

"My family is actually very wealthy so I asked if we could go to America for a few months to see Neverland Ranch and met him there when I was a little younger but I forget when... all I know is that I was one of the only kids to know the truth of what happened in that ranch for the supposed molestation..." I paused a bit, "I won't say anything though, nor will I try to say anything, my words will just be twisted. All I can say is that certain people were after his money... but after Neverland Ranch went bankrupt and had to be reposessed even though he loved that place dearly, apparently he wasn't thought much of anymore..."

After I got dressed I came out of my dressing room. "But what I know for sure and I'm positive about... his death was no accident... He was murdered..."

The entire store became quiet, Jess didn't respond or say anything. After a long while, Sotaru knew Jess felt like crying and knew she probably was. "Don't think much into what I say though... and Michael wouldn't want to see you cry now would he?"


Please join. I won't destroy this world, I won't give up on Michael or this world, ever!!!!!!!!!

"Ummmmmmm, Sotaru do you have any magic you can use right now?" I asked nervously. Sotaru tried.

"Black magic doesn't work here... how about that chakra ninjutsu stuff you do?" Sotaru asked.

"I can't do it here either! What gives?!" I yelled, "I wish these guys could just leave me alone!!!" I yelled. Suddenly the goons got tied up with little ropes. I was confused. More came over.

"Just beat it..." Sotaru knew what kind of magic was involved here. Weapons came towards the goons out from nowhere and attacked them.

"Now I get. Michael's dreams gave us puns which acts like weapons of descruction. Awesome! After we get some clothes, we talk about our dreams!^^" I ran to the clothing store and waited for Sotaru to come.


Run in


"Hey, where are you taking me Jess?" I asked her and she was pulling on my arm.

"We're going to get some clothes of course ^^," she replied, "Like I said, they need to be like Michael's."

"Are you sure we're going to find a place like that here?" I asked her as she turned a corner.

"Yeah, relax we'll be there in-" she got cut off when the two of us both slammed into something.

Both of us fell to the ground and my wig came off. "Ugh... did we just run into a brick wall?"

"No..." she replied, getting up.

I got up and picked my wig up. "Then... what is-"

Both of us were looking at the same thing... and that was a ton of goons... this definately wasn't a spot of luck...