Small Update

How has everyone been?

I have been decent. Healing from the traumatic events of January (see previous post). Trying to actually settle in our new place (renting), but it still feels not like a home to me.

I was never able to pursue my neighbor in court because lawyers told me that she could easily wipe her debt if I won and I wouldn't see a penny. Not worth the 2-5 year fight and lose not only thousands in legal fees, but also remain stuck with the hospital bill.

My kid is doing very well, she has fully healed from her broken arm! She's turning 10 on the 10th, so she's super excited.

Comic is doing very well, too! I was recently featured on WebToon's front page as a Hidden Gem for an entire week! I went from 204 subs to 822!!! It was very exciting and not to mention the most followers I've ever had in one given platform :) I am almost finished with Chapter 2, I only lack 3 more episodes before I go on chapter hiatus. Super exciting and relieved I can have an actual planned break and not emergency hiatuses ^-^'