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Hello, all! Today, I have launched my Patreon page! If you want to support my creations and grow with me, become my patron! My current goal is to receive enough to do this full time! Do you want to see more merchandise? Want to visit me in more Artist Alleys/Dealer Rooms at conventions? Do you want more comics? Become a patron! <3

Currently, these are some rewards for supporting TTS!

  • Exclusive sketches of characters from Life with Love and Magic!
  • Early Access to pages! Top tier gets Early Access to full chapters when a new one begins!
  • Discounts on merchandise!
  • Exclusive content like behind the scenes designs, character sheets, rough draft pages, etc.!

For those unfamiliar with Patreon

How Does Your Patreon Work?
Basically, Patreon is used to give money to support to your favorite creators so they can keep creating the things you love. This is called a pledge. In my case, you will pledge a set amount of money every month. Just set it and forget it and allow Patreon will handle the rest. When you pledge you’ll get special benefits depending on how much money you pledge. Like with any business, the more money this Patreon receives, the more it will grow.