New World Idea: Need Serious Opinions!

So, I have this new idea for a world.

Before I begin discussing: Would ANYONE be offended if I critiqued artwork and suggest tutorials to show how to improve on what I find lacking?

I really want to do this and I think everyone can benefit from it. Of course, I will point out both things I LIKE and things I find LACKING (that's the point of critiques isn't it?)

The World Idea

I want to gather a HUGE amount of Tutorials I believe are truly helpful and post them there. I might even throw in my own once I am comfortable with a certain subject. When I do critiques, and I find something falling short, I would follow up with a link to the tutorial(s) that will be the most beneficial <3

A majority will be digital art based; however, a lot of the tutorials will still benefit traditional artist, like anatomy. Also, there will be a good bit of references, like photographs of subjects, that you can practice from.

Does this sound ok? I just don't want to come across rude if I decide to do critiques....